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  1. Thurs night spots??

    Anyone know what's good these days on Thursdays? I'm getting there this Thursday.
  2. Hernan Cattaneo/Jason Jollins @ Crobar, Fri 7/15

    You guys are all on this guy Herman's cock so I won't say no more. Just to clarify, I didn't say Boris was better than anybody , I was commenting on the CROWD. I don't give a shit what rank this guy is, if he can't pack it in like a "local" DJ who plays Surf Club, that don't say much for me. Don't worry, I ain't postin on here no more. Obviously people are too sensitive.
  3. Hernan Cattaneo/Jason Jollins @ Crobar, Fri 7/15

    Best crowd you've ever seen at Crobar? Was that your first time there? Go to Crobar when Morillo or Boris is there. You'll see the difference. This guy Herman is minor leagues and has no business headlining a place like Crobar. He belongs in a lounge or somebody's basement. I'm not being an ass* the guy just sucks. No energy, boring beats, doesn't draw a crowd, looks like an ass* with that outdated hairstyle, need I go on?
  4. Hernan Cattaneo/Jason Jollins @ Crobar, Fri 7/15

    Went to Crobar, this guy is the worst DJ I have ever heard. Place was dead and filled with ugly people. Anybody who says this guy kicks ass needs to hear a real DJ. Peace