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  1. gabriel and dresden last night ......

    did you take my statement the wrong way? that's the vibe i'm getting. i'm not saying electro is bad because it's in now. i love it and have been listening/playing less and less trance in favor of electro and minimal tracks. the thing is, sure, when a genre becomes more popular, you have everybody jumping on the bandwagon. however, there's a difference between playing what everyone else is just for popularity reasons and actually being skilled at it and liking it because it fucking rocks and can move a crowd.
  2. gabriel and dresden last night ......

    Yea but unfortunately DJs who know what they're doing and really love tech/electro might get pegged as "going along with the crowd" just because it's the in-thing right now.
  3. gabriel and dresden last night ......

    oh man what a great night. jason totally KILLED it! good lord he knows how to rock a floor! insane tune selection and mixing! G&D pleasantly surprised me by generally sticking to tech house all night. great time!
  4. crobar NY October Line-Up!

    ill be there for armin on the 7th and OF COURSE Ferry on the 13th. oh yes, its gonna pwn! Jason Jollins is opening for Ferry, which will be omfg!
  5. Love review

    I got this link from another board. "http://www.gsany.com/projects6.html I got this off of Gary Stewart's website. Looks like the making of the sound system at Love. Absolutely cannot wait. This place is serious!"