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  1. Attn: Raincry

    Keep deleting/changing threads. Maybe you'll earn enuff points w/ dave that he'll pay for your face replacement.
  2. so umm creating an FSN has apparently become extremely harder

    so how does misk open cans of soda with vienna sausage fingers?
  3. so umm creating an FSN has apparently become extremely harder

    good to see you again
  4. Ooohhhh Lookieee

  5. Top five spots in the NYC...Planning a trip

    if thats you in the pic they arent going to let you in anywhere bitch
  6. im cool

    figures a chic would like this. goes well with your queer sneakers faggot
  7. I found fkornre

  8. myspace djs

    i think he was asking about DJs that people give a shit about....
  9. i can tell by your avatar that your a fat slob. why do you distort your picture?
  10. Sasha's Fundacion

    ask DETROIT he loves sasha
  11. LMAO Trading Spouses.....holy shit

    i went to school with black people
  12. LMAO Trading Spouses.....holy shit

    you should be staring in one. name it "trading UFO's"
  13. My friend is pregnant

    i thought you couldnt get pregnant by getting fucked in the ass?
  14. anyone brawl this weekend?

    someone called the ugly police on vlad's girl
  15. Do you think we are safe?

    i think chinadoll was eyeing your dog. i'd watch its back if i was you.