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  1. Next clubplanet meet!?

    I am always in. NYE sounds good.
  2. Dave Seaman At Spundae (feck Yeah!)

    I'll admit I haven't been excited to see a DJ in a long time. I am now officialy excited. He rocked the mayan not to long back and he is now playing at spundae SPUNDAE IS GETTING NOT ONLY A DECENT DJ BUT A GREAT DJ! GO! HAVE FUN! I know I will
  3. ain't no school like old school

    it is worth watching:
  4. Are there any up comming LA events that you are excited about?

    "doncha know"?? What are you? minnesotan?
  5. Cause I can't really think of any. Seems to me that compaired to last year the music scene is a little dead this year. Wondering if things are passing underneath my radar....
  6. Burning Man!!!

    highlights: Doing arial yoga during the white out with the structure around us falling appart at the seems. My GF getting hit in the leg with one of the fire works shot off from the man Being a part of fire conclave and standing that close to the man when he went off. and the mornings. Every morning on the playa was the most amazing thing in the world to witness. Being sorrounded with surreal, unrestricted creativity. This is why pictures will never do BM justice. You see the photo and everything is taken in one at a time. In reality you are surrounded by the bizzar. You are looking at a pyramid in the desert as the chesire cat and white rabbit are having a drag race and a guy goes by wind sailing on roller blades with a giant wood scuture on the horizon. and since it is so constant your view on reality changes and I have yet to adjust back to this default reality.
  7. Burning Man!!!

    life = changed wow.
  8. weyes' wisdom of the day - 8/24/06

    And what a goal it is!!
  9. Burning Man!!!

    Probably monday morning/afternoon.
  10. Burning Man!!!

    TWO MAN ENTER, ONE MAN LEAVE!!!! These are the rules of thunder dome that we abide by! In serious I will watch myself, Thanks for the heads up. I will be camping at camp Unofficial at the 3 o'clock and Chance. Stop by and say hi!
  11. Dj Am

    probably LAX, don't really follow him but I know that friday's at LAX is usualy his weekly shindig.
  12. Burning Man!!!

    Go to burningman . com and go through the first timer's guide. Basically we are going to be camping out in the desert for a week, so we gotta get tents, sleeping bags, clothes for the hot days and the cold nights, food, water, and all of requirements that don't require much thought when you are not in the desert. Also, because the dust out there is so fine you have to dust proof everything and also have goggles and maskes for when dust storms kick in. On top of that it is a giant music/art festivle so your outfits should be these crazy costumes, home made or modified. Also these outfits should probably light you up like an xmas tree cause it is flipping dark out there and people might not see you and run you over with a bike. And that is just covering the basics. If you are part of a camp or making an art installation, You've got to build it all, then take it down and some how ship it out to the desert and set it all back up again, then take it down and get it out of the desert. Burningman takes a ton of preperation and I know people who have been going for 8 years and they still are in panic mode the week before they go, but everyone says it is worth all the effort. I'll give you my two cents on that when I get back. As for what I want to do: I wanna take the tia chi and yoga workshops, take full advantage of the free cookies and milk at midnight, Take advantage of the message camps, I wanna fight in the tunderdome, I wanna play on the life size rock 'em sock 'em robots, I wanna see all of the art installations, I wanna see the giant pants catapult, I wanna dance until I drop and I want to be suprised. What type of music is at burningman? It is a 50K+ person event that goes on for a week, I am pretty sure you can find ALL kinds of music there.
  13. spundae guestlist?

    I have a guest in town and I was looking for the spundae guest list that is usualy up that has free entry befor 11pm. Normaly it is up on traffic events or I get an email, but so far nothing. Anyone able to help?
  14. nocturnal wonderland anyone.

    On that same night I will be performing a fire dance in front of 50K odd people at burningman's 20yr aniversay. It was any easy choice for me to make.
  15. Burning Man!!!

    First time is always the worst and this is my first time. There person I am camping with and I are going insane trying to get ready for this thing.