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  1. joonyah attacks!

    He sounds like a typical "Tina addict still up since last Halloween" Ex-Junior sheep!
  2. joonyah attacks!

  3. joonyah attacks!

    99.9% of these dates are NO-SHOW anyway....he takes the deposit and never shows up! The usual. There are not many clubs left in this world he didn't fuck over yet. Junior would go to Siberia just to spin for $500 these days cuz nobody in NYC books him anymore.
  4. joonyah attacks!

    Sorry but Junior and his dated drama is so fucking lame these days. Now Junior has to call NY Post Page 6 for publicity help ...how embarrassing! As said before...ask anyone internationally what they think about Junior. The answer is:
  5. Palash and Behrouz at crobar 8/26

    Palash is just not a great deejay to begin with! I wish the line-up would say BEHROUZ & SAEED!!!!!!!
  6. Avalon Vs Spirit

    "Spirit has places to sit on the mainfloor .. props to them for that." ....well they need to fill up that space with something so it doesn't look that empty....
  7. i kNOW nOT aNOTHER SF rUMOR..;/

    Again..under which rock did you hide for the last couple of months? http://bbs.clubplanet.com/showthread.php?t=275505&highlight=pacha
  8. i kNOW nOT aNOTHER SF rUMOR..;/

    ..the word is out since months!
  9. i kNOW nOT aNOTHER SF rUMOR..;/

    How long have you been in that K-hole?
  10. Danny T. @ crobar reviews!

    Was this another "classics" party? Did he borrow Junior's CD case? Why are all these old deejays so behind when it comes to new fresh music?
  11. I luv me sum BIG hooters! :bounce:
  12. ..well Danny is overrated to begin with. I guess that's the answer for everything else here.
  13. Quentin Harris interview and More..

    ...please, we all know too well what really gets you going for hours..!
  14. Ralph Falcon @ Crobar, Fri 8/19

    .......nice.....but can you please explain WHY Merrit's name is way bigger advertised than Ralph's on all fliers??
  15. Quentin Harris interview and More..

    Dear Barebackqueen Who crowned you "Miss Universe of great taste"? JUNIOR SUCKS ASS.