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  1. Roll call for this weekend

    Aight, who’s going to be in town this weekend?
  2. best preparty spot

    These are great tips. I will be in town this weekend and will most likely hit Mix on Thursday for drinks. DJ MasterWeb I signed up for your list on Friday, looking forward to hearing you and your crew do your thang.
  3. best preparty spot

    So what's the best spot then???
  4. Masterweb-

    Thanks man. I will try to give to give you a holla when I'm there.
  5. Masterweb-

    I thought the story was kind of out there too. Masterweb I'm trying to get on your list for Fri Jul 15 and the latest date in the drop down box is the 10th. When will later dates be available? Thanks
  6. Jul 14-17 vist

    Cool. Mr. Vegas could you PM the info for your contact at Pure.
  7. Jul 14-17 vist

    I heard Light is a pretty tight spot. Anyone have any opinions?
  8. Roll Call July 4th Weekend...

    Aight, thanks.
  9. Jul 14-17 vist

    MW, my and crew and I are looking for hosted service on Sat night. OPM is looking like the spot for Fri and I will sign up for your guest list for that if that's what we decide on. Lalate sounds like you had a gooooooooood time at CU.
  10. Jul 14-17 vist

    Thanks sparkletarte I read your review. Looks like we might be leaning more towards OPM Fri and Pure on Sat. Djmasterweb do you have any hook-up info for Pure on Sat Jul 16?
  11. Roll Call July 4th Weekend...

    Thanks, I will assemble my crew. How soon do I need to get the email in?
  12. Roll Call July 4th Weekend...

    MW, Does everyone in my party have to sign up for the guest or can one person cover everybody?
  13. Jul 14-17 vist

    So would OPM on Fri be a good choice and where is Pure located?
  14. Jul 14-17 vist

    Cool, any suggestions that you have would be great.
  15. Hip Hop Clubs in Vegas

    Lalate, you pm box is full. I’m trying to get hookup info for Teatro on Fri Jul 15. Pm me when you get a chance, thanks.