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  1. Thanks buddy - I am digging on a few of these.
  2. Best Vocal House Song?

    I know these have been before, but just stirring the pot. What was your fav vocal house song of all time? Myndy K -Moments and Rockell - What you did to me are up there for me. Kim English - Joy, is a classic too.
  3. Track ID ?

    regardless of subjective views, ray you seem to have a ton of music - no luck?
  4. Track ID ?

    for the love of god, someone please have this song
  5. Sandy Rivera - Lolipop

    anyone have it yet
  6. Song Id - Again...

  7. i think PM will be the spot since the street wont be blocked off and we can park up front. I am sure we are going to have to get a table, which is fine. how are PM sundays?
  8. great space. I dont mind hip-hop as long as it doesnt bring a duck for cover here comes a ninja star crowd. I got a couple buddies coming in the city so we just wanted a place to go have some drinks, have some good music and be retards you know? how is Home's Sunday party? I was there on a Friday not long ago, but I was shit faced so I dont remember how the music was. I remember the bill though lol! How is One? i heard mixed reviews and I have no clue about their Sunday party. What kind of music - the space looks nice on their site.
  9. man i have been out of the loop - I havent even heard of half of these places lol! hows SOL? I remember Ruby Falls thursdays were cool.
  10. Song Id - Again...

    Lyrics were somethign like "Ohhhhhh say, oh say, oh say, oh say....OHHH say, OOH Say" Or Oh Lay or something like that. They played it on KTU last night - I heard this song before but not with the hard house/tribal beat it had going behind it.
  11. last time I was at Show was a while ago, but its pretty corny - a ton of fights and pushy crowd. Has it changed lately? What else? thx
  12. Whats good on Sunday? loungey/club but with good upbeat music? Like a Home/PE/etc? In particular for 10/8? Thanks!
  13. Song Ids...

    some very cool mashups on there, but not the mix I was looking for though. Edit - Nix that - Last album I checked of course. DJ Steve1der - Under My Humps
  14. Song Ids...

    gracias - have you uploaded any recent sets of yours? I have definately still been jamming on the 7 hour old skool one.
  15. Song Ids...

    There is this remix of "My Hump" that DJ Riz on KTU keeps playing that has like some like 70's beat or something to it. Anyone? I actually like some of the goofy mixes he has been playing. Also, anyone have any good hard beats with a great screaming diva on them - like old Deborah Cox? Gracias.