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  1. Avalon Vs Spirit

    Since the big change over between spirit and avalon what does everone think so far. Who's winning?
  2. AVALON this week???

    Hey whos @ AVALON this week??
  3. Jonathan Peters Classics @ Roxy, Sun 9/4

    I used to go to the RoXy every friday back when Johnny Vicious was there. The old sexy at the roxy party. It would be nice to go!!
  4. Avalon this past friday!!??

    I was at avalon this past friday. I enjoyed myself there for the first time in a long time. The music was really good. The crowd was much much better then it was in the past. I hope this trend continues.
  5. How r you guys feeling the new stuff going on in the club world. Spirit becoming Avalon whas up with that anyway?
  6. JP @ AVALON JULY 29th >??????????

    I heard something to the effect. When I was in the Hamptons I heard somebody telling somebody else about JP having a monthly thing there. I guess its true. Avalon does have a sick sound system and the history of that place and all
  7. Total Hamptons Review?? CPI,Neptunes,JP & Morrillo??

    Sick weekend!!! The music was great. Girls were very hot. Too many juice heads but thas the scene out there. Over all a great weekend!
  8. Pacha New York?

    "SF building"
  9. CPI's/Hampton Roll Call??

    hell im there!!!!! cant wait for Sunday's party with Erick
  10. How do you dance?

    Like P'Diddy in a Music Video
  11. Here is the scoop!!! Piddy will be hosting the event!!! Paris Hilton and Linsay Lohan will be MC also