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  1. DJ AM (3-hour set) @ Avalon, Wed 11/23

    Capone are you gonna be there?? Im comming? Do you have a list?
  2. Jason Ojeda @ Crobar, Sun 10/9 REVIEW

    ok... I was there, it was cool cause I didnt pay to get in. I had a nice time and all I wish the crowd was a lil older cause I felt like a old lady. I did enjoy the music. I have to agree the VIP area is Phat!! I really want to go back on a night that is 21 and over. bye Gina~
  3. The weekend is upon is.... Whos going to Roxy Sunday????????
  4. Labor Day Sunday @ Roxy JP CLasSics Whos going?

    I was thinking about going. I had a really good time at the last 2 JP parties on the holidays. Jenna u think i can get a ride to Neptunes afterwards.. I luv JP<3333333
  5. GLO Saturdays anyone?

    Hey...........Brooklyn ass!!!! Capone works there or something like that... PM him!! I use his Guest List every week there and he always does the right thing by me and my girls.

  7. Jonathan Peters Classics @ Roxy, Sun 9/4

    hell.. yeah Im def gonna be there with my girlz... I have to work that weekend so i will be around for this one.
  8. hey guys I've bee hearing some good stuff about the opening of Blvd Thursdays... did anyone else hear anything? Thanks
  9. Total Hamptons Review?? CPI,Neptunes,JP & Morrillo??

    Great Weekend!!! Thanks to everybody that made my birthday one of the best!!! CPI'S this was cool...Saturday was a lil young with the JP party Morrillo's Party was sooooo goood sunday i had such a blast. oh yeah thanks Capone for all the birthday drinks Morrillo was so sick!!! The mixes of old 80's song got me juiced!! What are we doing labor day weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!???????
  10. CPI's/Hampton Roll Call??

    Hey guys cant wait for this weekend. Who's going? JP Sat-- Erick Sun-- Neptunes for my bday Monday yeah!!!!
  11. Is CP going to have some kid of meet up in the hamptons?
  12. Hey are any of u guys going to the Hamptons july 4th weekend
  13. My birthday July 4th

    Hey....Any of the Jerzy Crew going to the Hamptons?
  14. Hey guys should I do the Hamptons 4 my Birthday July 4th Weekend??