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  1. GobeMediaGroup.com is a mobile billboard company in NJ A new company called celltradeusa.com has booked us thru the summer They get people out of cellular contracts anywhere in the USA Everyone knows someone stuck in a cellular contract. So Spread the word. Later
  2. Great News !!! I just saw any interview on ABC News Now / Money Matters w/Hari All I can say is WOW and it's about time !!!! This company gets you out of any cellphone contract in the USA anytime regardless of your problem. This is going to be awesome. Did anyone else see it? I only caught the last 10 minutes of it. The co founder stated that it's going live on 6-20-2005 celltradeusa.com was the site. I wen't to it and it says coming soon... Later Thefreephoneguy Everyone knows somebody stuck in a cellular contract Spread the word