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  1. sandbar?

  2. biggest night club in jersey?

    Yes you did!
  3. biggest night club in jersey?

    You're all forgetting Sandbar. Hands down, largest in New Jersey. 5,000 capacity.
  4. DJing is about making people dance. And he always plays for the crowd and makes sure the dancefloor is packed.
  5. Whoa, easy there. No need to get so defensive. I didn't mean to pick on Studio 4. My post was to MKutlass who recently posted that Studio 4 was dead on Thurs. I wasn't there so I don't know how it was. Just pointing out to him that not having a cover charge does not mean a club will be packed. BTW, I don't work at Circa, but I am friends with Nicky and do think he's a good DJ.
  6. Studio 4 has no cover for girls on Thurs and the place is empty!
  7. True, Nicky definitely does not play the newest, coolest tracks that guys love to jump around with their shirts off to. But he packs every club he plays at with girls and the dance floor moves till the lights come on. If anyone knew anything about DJing there would be a lot less criticism on this board. It's not about playing the latest hard house music, it's about filling a club, making people (especially girls) move, and bringing them back week after week.
  8. Happy Hour in North Jersey.....

    Circa in Rochelle Park has HH on Thurs & Fri with 1/2 price drinks and free buffet. It's not packed now but should pick up after Labor Day. They play everything from Classic Disco, 80's, hip hop and house.
  9. If I could remember that night, I'd never forget it!!! Great time!
  10. I'll be there both nights! First time at Headliners. Heard it's the place to be this summer!
  11. Circa Thursdays back on the map! And don't forget about Darin at the the main bar!