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  1. MTV Mother Truckin Contest

    Anyone here sign up for this? Apparently MTV is giving away 25 thousand cash and enough prizes compiled by the indutries top music artists to fill an entire 18 wheel truck. mtvmuthertruckin.com has more info.
  2. Rhapsody program

    I was curious to know if anyone else has used this music program? I signed up for the free service with 25 free full length songs a month. The audio seems much higher quality than other services I've tried and it apprears they have nearly any artist I could ever hope to listen too.
  3. Tom Neville E-Mix

    excellent stuff
  4. Identify these old songs!!

  5. accapellas?

    hmm, new or old?
  6. Bush jokes

  7. Police: Lions free kidnapped girl

    That's amazing if true
  8. PETA employees charged with animal crulety

    I read about this the other day, gotta love the overprivledged PETA people floating around somewhere outside of reality
  9. 'Hezbollah drugs ring' broken up

    interesting read