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  1. New music

    Pick up some new funk breakbeat jams at any digital store... Dj Rigid www.clubtunesonline.com www.monstertunes.net www.beatport.com www.beatsmack.com www.beatsdigital.com/rigiddigital
  2. Live radio show today!

    2pm eastern till 3:30 www.evilboxproductionz.com www.unitedbreaks.fm live in the mixxxxx Dj Rigid
  3. Live radio show today!

    Check me out today for the best damn lunch show while at werk, home the park wherever u may be with a computer... plz tune in, join chat, chek me out all damn day!!!!!!! www.evilboxproductionz.com www.unitedbreaks.fm 2pm eastern till i say so!!!!!!
  4. Unitedbreaks.fm Live mixes

    Dj Rigid at 7pm eastern for funk in the trunk. www.unitedbreaks.fm
  5. www.unitedbreaks.fm & 2scr.com

    yo yo peeps live tonight at 7pm eastern breaks show on www.unitedbreaks.fm and 2scr.com
  6. www.unitedbreaks.fm 7pm

    Tonight at 7pm eastern tune to www.uinitedbreaks.fm or 2scr.com for funk all night chat and requests avail.
  7. Tonight is Bass Frequenzee Fridaze at 7pm eastern tune in and join chat for breaks and beats. www.unitedbreaks.fm
  8. All Original breaks mix 11-06-2006 Dj Rigid

  9. http://www.djrigid.com/linear.mp3 Rockell- I fell in love (Rigid breaks mix) Aaliyah- You that somebody (Rigid cuts it out edit) Dj Rigid- Makes it boom Dj Rigid- Blow them speakers Dj kanikris- Supersonic Dj Rain- Higher ground (Feat Amber) Akon- Locked up (Rigid breaks mix) Linear- Sending all my love (Rigid breaks edit) Dj Rigid- Know you there (Matrix dub) Dj Subsequit- Confusion
  10. 7pm eastern www.unitedbreaks.fm
  11. Today @ work

    Tune in for a break... Dj Rigid Dj Rigid live at 4pm eastern
  12. Today while @ work

    Tune in for a break... Dj Rigid Dj Rigid live at 4pm eastern
  13. Today starting at noon eastern... BPM.FM premium breaks music for the whole day your at work!!!! Gune in and enjoy what this net station is all about brining nothing but the finest is dance music to your ears... Listen: winamp - windows media -
  14. This mix is all original work done by Dj Rigid, Dj 303 and Dj Rain... Tune in burn for car bump in home or at the park!!!! 65 min mix includes some favorable remixes and originals. Be sure to check out the site DJ Rigid Home Page You can pick any of these tracks up at the various stores. Dance Music Digital Download, Cheap CD Duplication,Free House Music Techno, Free DJ Promotion. Monster Productions Welcome To Plur Records Clubtunes - Download mp3 of DJ Mixes, House mixes, Releases and quality dance tunes Link for mix: http://djrigid.com/linear.mp3