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  1. Can Hip-Hop Make a Comeback in Vegas?

    Making a comeback? So what was there before this "comeback"? I recall late night radio stations dominating with the blast of Techno playing straight from the Clubs...Is this not true? Vegas was or is well known for the 'E'...Rave scene...For as long as I've lived here, I here more and more about "Hot Hip Hop Scenes..." But I guess someone from each crowd could easily say their music has dominated...and that's every where you go...What a concept..to think that maybe..just maybe...both genres couldn't possibly make a comeback...because they never left...?
  2. New Years?

    oops..Sasha heh heh : >
  3. New Years?

    Well John Digweed and Sash would be great to see, but I don't know if she'll be into all of that, she's never been around the Rave..Techno scene and It would be too much for her I think...Hip Hop is more her style...But thank you...: )
  4. New Years?

    Okay, so I've lived here for a few years and I've been to RA, Studio 54, Drei's, and Seven, so not enough to say true clubber...and my sister will be 21 years old on New Years, yes she is a New Years baby...: )....and I wanted to know what club everyone thinks I should taker her to. I haven't been out enough to really say "I know the perfect Party!!" So, I'm open to suggestions...She's not really into techno, although I am, but...it is her time to shine, so....she likes Hip Hop....Does anyone know of anything that's going on...other than the usual BIG Strip Street party...She'll be bringing some of her girlfriends down, and I really want to treat them to a really good time.. Thanx Mel : )
  5. As if you didn't already know.... Check this out..general knowledge...now no more bickering... http://www.thedjlist.com/djs/genre/hiphop