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  1. Battle of the DJ's In Las Vegas..

    To my esteemed collegue Mr. Freeze I am personally posting a link to a website you will find helpful in your continued attempts to communicate with your peers. http://www.hop.com/ Salutations, Your Number 1 Fan
  2. DJ AM Is A Fake.

    AHH JEAH!! What up Moe? Been seeing your name ALL over the place lately.... Ill definately drop you a line!!
  3. DJ AM Is A Fake.

    I appreciate the props!!! Im not one who usually makes a fuss over stuff like this but alot of the words said are VERY unwarrented and not necessary.
  4. DJ AM Is A Fake.

    Easy Listning CD? Are you kidding me? Peep your history homeboy, you were quoted in 944 magazine as saying AM takes credit for the style he plays and that he bites all his mixes off that easy listning cd. I hear no bites, he interpets what he hears (off individual tracks)and makes it his own (Ive seen him do this shit live off the top of his head as Im sure many peeps have experienced the same) if anything instead of hating on somebody you obviously wish you were in the shoes of, bringing shame to YOUR Rock Steady Crew by making some ignorant high school issues you got with somebody you obviously dont know public, and making yourself look like an ass to alot of people who not only have MAD respect for but love the guy (not in the way most peeps have their heads up some other peeps asses). Pay credit where credit is due. Faith No More, Rick Rubin, RUN DMC, Beastie Boys, BDP, Blondie, ALL were repp'n this game before any of us were. Keep the shit talkin to yourself homeboy cuz nobody wants to hear that mess. All the best, Larry Graham DJ DigDug