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  2. Best Thursday night party?

    All of the places mentioned above are very hard to choose from. They are all real hot Thursday club night (tuff decision there). If you're looking for R&B and more of a local flavor, check out Barcode on Spring Mtn., Between Jones & Decatur (5 Min Directly West of The Wynn). They are having a Grand Opening Tonight! The promotion is called “Taste†I looked on AEveas.com and they have a guest list for every Thursday. $5 You call it drinks, plenty of seating, big dance floor etc... They should pay me for this..lol. Anywayz that's my 2 cents about Thursday but I went to last weeks soft opening of Taste which they did not advertise at all and it was a nice upscale grown (not old ((25+)) ) crowd. I don't have the flyer for the event but it is listed on AEvegas.com's "AE Hot Pics" but I do know that doors open @ 10pm and they have good food all night, cheap drinks, very good sound and lighting and plenty of table seating that does not cost you anything (VIP Seating Avail On The Second Floor). here is the link for more info: AEvegas - Las Vegas Entertainment Guide - Nightlife - Concerts - Clubs - Lounges - Bars
  3. Tuesday, July 18th @ 8pm Drenched Welcomes The Hot 97.5's 20k Purse Party! @ ICE Las Vegas This INVITATION ONLY Party Is Hosted By Jayde! The Lucky Invited Winners Will Choose From The Hottest Names In Designers Like CHRISTIAN DIOR - LOUIS VUITTON - COACH DOONEY & BOURKE & MORE! Tune Into Hot 97.5fm To Win Your Invitation Afterwards (10pm SHARP) The Ladies Will Hang Out To Be "Drenched" Jayde Will Be Giving Away The Two Remaining Bags @ The Afterparty! 2 Events...One Night...One Club! This Tuesday, July 18th! The New Tuesday Night Hip Hop and R&B Hot Spot In Vegas! Come "Lean With It" To The Bangin' Sounds of DJ Franzen & DJ Panic Hosted By J Noise $5 You Call It Bar Til' Midnight Every Drink In The House Is $5 Ladies In Free B4 Midnight Dress Code Enforced... No White T's, Hats, Athletic Wear * Jeans & Tennis Shoes Ok ICE Las Vegas Formerly "The Drink" 200 East Harmon Ave Las Vegas, NV 89109 Log On To www.AEvegas.com For The Hottest Entertainment Events In Vegas
  4. DRENCHED TUESDAY'S Drenched Tuesday's & Hot 97.5 Every Tuesday Night! I'm Sure You've Heard How We Party... Now Come Experience It For Yourself! The New Tuesday Night Upscale Hip Hop and R&B Hot Spot In Vegas! Come "Lean Wit It" To The Bangin' Sounds of DJ Franzen & DJ Panic Hosted By J Noise $5 You Call It Bar All Night Every Drink In The House Is $5 NO T-Shirts, Caps or Athletic Wear! email [email protected] for exclusive AEvegas.com guest list ICE Las Vegas Formerly "The Drink" 200 East Harmon Ave Las Vegas, NV 89109
  5. THE ONLY HIP HOP and R&B 4th OF JULY PARTY IN VEGAS! LADIES TANK TOP TUESDAY 4Th of JULY PARTY @ DRENCHED TUESDAY'S Ice Las Vegas (Harmon & Koval) All Ladies In Tank Tops Get In Free ALL NIGHT! Fella's Come Get Your VIP Cards (limited amount) COME GET HYPE WITH DJ FRANZEN, DJ PANIC & J NOISE email [email protected] for exclusive aevegas.com guest list
  6. Launching June 20th * Drenched Tuesday's @ Ice Las Vegas

    maybe we should all ask you how to make a club successful since you have such a long resume of successful club nights (RIGHT?). So tell us outofthebox, how did you become so successful with drawing soooo many people to your club? Oh wait, you've never had a club night, never promoted one, never hosted one, never DJ'd one... that's sure is a lot of nevers. It’s so easy for someone like yourself to talk, I mean you have absolutely no professional interest in any club night in Vegas but you know so much about the business and have so much advise on how to make one successful. If your going to speak on club nights keep it real and KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT (6,000 people at PURE and 50 people at Drenched is what you said BOTH VERY WRONG). Now, check out of this board and go join one of the yahoo boards so you can talk to other club hoppers and leave us folks who are in the club business alone. This was a fun exchange with you but it has to end here. Have fun my little club critic who has "never" had any interest in a club what-so-ever!
  7. Launching June 20th * Drenched Tuesday's @ Ice Las Vegas

    comparing Drenched Tuesday's @ Ice Las Vegas to Pure lets me know how ignorant you are to club business. I mean "thank you" but not two in the same. Check this out, do everyone a favor and get a club night to back up that big mouth you have. Once you've done that, you might be able to speak about other club nights... depending on if you're not the only 1 person in your club (you have no draw therefore you have no voice). We see the little games you play on these boards. You go around knocking club nights (peoples business and hard work). These club nights are not "for play"...they are "for real"... real money, real work, real time and for a "real nobody" as yourself... you wouldn't understand that. Like I said on the other messageboard, let the doormen know who you are when you come to any of the other club nights we have around Vegas and they will all know what to do at that point.
  8. July 4th-9th Please Help! :)

    Pure is packed on Tuesday being the club has Caesers Palace push behind it and it's been open for over a year now and is simply a really nice club. I'm not knocking Pure at all nor would i think to compare Pure to a club night that has been open for only 1 night. Pure is not our competition but rather an option depending on what kind of music you want to hear. outthebox is exactly that "outthebox". lets ask outthebox what clubnight "it" has or has ever had? Drenched Tuesday is the hottest Hip Hop and R&B spot in Vegas on Tuesday Nights HANDS DOWN with a really nice sound system and ambience! Pure (without a doubt) has it going on each and every Tuesday for what it offers. If you want to go to Pure, I can hook you up there with a guest list. outthebox (i mean outofthebox)... stay in your place... if you want to promote PURE that's all good, we've promoted pure since it opened and we have really good friends there who work hard to keep it what it is each week, but don't knock the NEW Tuesday Night Hot Spot. We are working very hard to put Ice back on the map and we are off to a very good start!
  9. July 4th-9th Please Help! :)

    outthebox. Tuesdays at Ice is the new hot spot! you have a habbit of thinking you're the shit but you have done nothing but run your mouth in Vegas. but it's ok cuz regardless of what is said, the more you talk that stupid shit the more we win. the next time you come to any of our club nights, be sure to let the doorman know who you are, they WILL know what to do at that point.
  10. Launching June 20th * Drenched Tuesday's @ Ice Las Vegas

    outofthebox, thank you for coming through and showing your support. when u have chance to run something other than your mouth let me know. the energy in the room was out of control. a good night does not mean we were packed wall to wall, it simply means as promoters of the night we had a great night and everyone who showed up (way more than 50 people) also had a good time. how many people did you bring with YOU? everyone who came stayed all night and got fucked up off our $5 you call drinks. but again, thanks for coming out and showing your support.
  11. July 4th-9th Please Help! :)

    Tuesday, 4th of July Club Ice Las Vegas is the place to be! This is the newest HOT SPOT in Vegas on Tuesday Nights. Let me know if you need VIP accommodations or just guest list hook up.
  12. Launching June 20th * Drenched Tuesday's @ Ice Las Vegas

    For those who didn't make it this past Tuesday (which that might be one or two people MAX) we had a BOMB NIGHT! J-Noise & DJ Franzen have to be the best dynamic duel in vegas right now when it comes to Hip Hop/R&B and getting the entire club to the dance floor! For those that came out this past Tuesday, I know we will see you this coming Tuesday and for any who missed last Tuesday, DON'T MISS THIS TUESDAY. Unlike Other Club Nights, THE PARTY STARTS WHEN THE DORRS OPEN!! "THE DRINK" IS BACK IN FULL EFFECT BABY!!!!!!!! "THE DRINK" HAS NOW BEEN "DRENCHED"!!!!
  13. Launching June 20th * Drenched Tuesday's @ Ice Las Vegas

    TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! HIP HOP and R&B RETURNS TO ICE LAS VEGAS @ 10pm REMEMBER THE DRINK? TONIGHT IS DRENCHED TUESDAY'S!!!!! Join "JNOISE and DJ FRANZEN from HOT 97-5....... at club ICE for "DRENCHED TUESDAY'S" 200 East Harmon Ave Las Vegas, NV 89109 EVERYONE FREE TILL MIDNIGHT... $5 "YOU CALL IT DRINKS" UPSCALE..... H I P H O P & R & B!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The dress code is casual.....no sports wear.... tennis shoes ok......gotta be fresh! come support your family on the radio...JNOISE AND DJ FRANZEN... EVERY TUESDAY AT "ICE LAS VEGAS" D R E N C H E D T U E S D A Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. 4th of July Weekend Thread...Rollcall--What's On Tap?

    The Only Totally Upscale Hip Hop and R&B Tuesday Club Night With The Bangin' Sounds of DJ Franzen & Hosted By J Noise Both of Hot 97.5 Submerge Yourself In The $5 "You Call It" Drink Specials All Night Guaranteed To Quench Any Thirst. 4th of July Event Announcement Coming Soon! Whatever It Is...It's Got To Be FUNKY!