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  1. Please Help Me With This

    whats the song where it mixes wit Mylo 'in my arms'..n drops with the saw beat and stratee bass...Boris plays it alot on his sets
  2. Any WESTCHESTER peeps on here?

  3. DJ BORIS MARATHON @ The New Afterhours 11/5

    dJ fuCKin b O R issS
  4. boris question

    alota people gon be dressin up tonight?
  5. drugz n djs

    eha u think the Djs are as fucked up as some of the people dancin..if soo whou thinkk
  6. NYE 2006 parties?

  7. xpaniard incoming :P

    i heard spainnn isss off the hookk wit clubs..i went there twice but wasnt into the scene back then
  8. SK! wOo WOoOo woO WOOOo
  9. wats goinn on...i just went ta Canada n there was this club "Circus"....fuckiiin banning....sicck progressive deep tribal all night....place was ridicualous....had massage tables....mad roomM....crazy system.. n every1 broke shit downn.....music was nuttss..hadda underground feel/vibe ta it....any1 no where i could find this in ny wit some ill tribal? hit mee bacck
  10. Avalon Question

    WHAtss a more poppin day to go?...friday nights or saturdays
  11. remember the tunnel

    ah i neverr been ta the tunnel..i readdin all the posts n that place sounded fukkkin banngin...but i heard towards the end it got too redicual...shootin needles n shitt....whyd they shut it down?...n lime light..i WISHH i went there...i go there now "avalon" still bangin on saturdays but could only imagine wut limelight was like
  12. question help please

    whats goinn onnn im from ny n im gonnna be down in mami on the dates from july 18 till 2 weeks later...lookin for a banggin houuse club down there....any1 no of ne goood oneS? or any events that are gonna go on around that time?