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  1. whats good the weekend of the 21st?

    yeah, but she ain't the only one playin'
  2. Who is the next JP/Boris?

    good stuff..
  3. www.frankrempe.com www.themeanfiddlernyc.com www.ospinamusic.com
  4. Saturday night at this Times Square-ish pub/club that sports a house music loving Irish owner with Ospina Digital Honcho Davidson Ospina, Pulse Radio's Dusko Justik, and Frank Rempe at the helm, is a recipie for funky beats and getting laid.. so don't sleep. MEAN FIDDLER WEBSITE Party is DOWNSTAIRS $5 COVER, FREE ON LIST = [email protected] Say House!
  5. "Lil Louie Devito" kinda says it all as to the stooge who compiled it lame
  6. record player question

    well it would work.. but the output is extremely low.. you can buy a little preamp to go from phono to an amp without phono inputs for a few bucks though.. try canal st
  7. should i move to san fran?

    my impression - it's as, or more expensive that NY.. there are some bad areas... I love it out there