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  1. Please help ID a song

    Hi guys thanks for trying so far... but no answer yet. I listened to both of those tracks suggested and no. The Todd stuff is a bit jazzy, and the Danny stuff was a bit trance, the song i'm looking for was more of a dance/techno mix: [female voice] I'm the dj I am the dee-jay.... I'm the dj I am the dee-jay...
  2. Track ID

    HI everyone, this is my 2nd and hopefully final track request. I heard it 2 weeks ago on the house floor in a club in Germany. I swear the DJ said it was the Boogie Pimps but may have just been a remix The song mentioned something about rising to the sunshine.. then the song would grind down, a guitar lick, then speed back up to normal... then grind down, then guitar lick, then speed back up to normal... any ideas? sorry for being so vague but tat's what 6 rum n cola do to you. :-)
  3. Please help ID a song

    I just came back from a nightclub in Stuttgart Germay, and heard a wicked song mix. Can anyone help me identify it? It's a female voice, and she just seemed to say: "i'm the deejay.. I'm ....the deejay!..." over and over and over. It may have been I'm your dj, but I believe ait was I'm the dj..... Anyone have any ideas? thx!