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  1. attn: Peenalope a.k.a. *********

    LOL...the infamous white tank? That wasn't spaghetti string... I'd say more of a wife beater. So have you decided to move to CA or stay?
  2. attn: Peenalope a.k.a. *********

    D are you on a low-carb diet now? What's up with the say no to spaghetti?
  3. attn: Peenalope a.k.a. *********

    What the? It's only Tuesday! Just kidding... Spirit sounds like a good bet, but don't think I can make it out this weekend. Gotta entertain out-of-towners
  4. attn: Peenalope a.k.a. *********

    Hey Mikey!!!
  5. some weekend reviews ??

    I had one hell of a beach day on Friday! Got nice and toasty brown Ahhh...need to hit the beach more often.
  6. So guys, how was it, how was it??
  7. asian invasian at roxy

    Awww... And I done get me some watermelon. Not black either but still love it. Mwah!
  8. black men & white women

    Definitely PM ibrandon...
  9. asian invasian at roxy

    Me too... I love the nightlife, but I'm not sure what is meant by hoping the scene "cleans up a bit." It's all more a matter of just being tolerant and respectful of each other rather than being douchebags and gettin all crazy with the stereotyping on ALL sides--white/asian/black/latino/whatever. You can meet aholes/weirdos from every race. When someone outside your race treats you like crap (pushes/shoves you on the floor, giving nasty looks, screamin at you in some different language) or behaves differently from you (the infamous headshakin dance, not wearin shirts/spiking hair, doin the SF shuffle)....... can you honestly go around to EVERY asian and find that they all love headshaking and stickin to an entirely asian group or are possessve or rude or standoffish? Or can you go to every italian guy and find they ALL love to go out w/o their shirts on & spike up the hair or stick to a solely italian group & do the shuffle? Or can you find that every black only loves hip hop tunes and fried chicken & collard greens? (mmm... fried chicken & collard greens ) Point is, there's gonna be different kinds of people out in the clubs but the stereotyping is stupid, even if it's easy to and you're pissed/annoyed/amused at some race bc one of them did something to you and u want to take it out on someone. But of course, you people aren't stupid, you ALL know that w/o a doubt everyone in one race or another are NOT ALL THE SAME. I guarownnnteeeee that. I'm done rambling...Now time to go get me some fried rice and general tso's chicken
  10. hello from london!!

    Yeah... Ughhhhhh...
  11. DT Review @ Spirit

    This is a long shot, but isn't this the track Nic Fanciulli dropped when he was spinnin with Bill Patrick @ Spirit wayyyy back in the early spring? If so, that track rocks!! I was dyin when I heard it... it's so funny... I left DT wayyy too early to hear him spin it "...who broke mah washing machine!?!?!" LOVED the decorations... the foil covered columns and foil spirals hangin from the ceiling were awesome... they shoulda plastered that stuff everywhere like they did at ARC! I was flippin out when I saw what was some girl standin up against the column, wrapped herself in the foil, and moved side to side... all u could see was her head stickin out the top with her shades on... looked like the column was morphin & moving...
  12. asian invasian at roxy

    just for that you're getting chicken feet & fish head soup! Yummehhh
  13. Yeah, that's why I didn't hit Nikki bc I heard alot of the speakers were blown out & there were lines down the road. Crap...shoulda went anyway. Oh well. Wahhh!