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  1. Hybrid @ Space Feb 25!

    should be nice
  2. Who's Doing What Tongiht?

    I'm going to go home and speedball, and see where the night takes me...
  3. Amika Friday Nights

    Hey does anyone know of someone that runs a list at Amika for friday nights? And also how are space and nocturnal on friday nights? Has space now become all hip-hop on friday nights bc of the main event (even the terrace)?
  4. Party of the year!

    that was definately incredible, dj heather was unreal, her using some hiphop beats was sick also
  5. Opium Garden guest list ?

    yeah i know thats why i dont go there but when friends from out of town ask to go there u are kind of obligated and eric i dont speak french, but why? thanks for the help
  6. Opium Garden guest list ?

    Hey guys, I have some friends coming into town that really want to go to opium. I never go there seeing how i am addicted to house, but i was wondering if anyone had any information regarding any guestlists so i do not have to deal with the hassle of the frontdoor.
  7. latin house

    Dre's mom makes the most absurd pastitso and spanakopita, philippio, i highly recommend it. You better bring some of that sh*t down dre in august or ande gamisou. And for whoever organizes the CP get together thing forget DB we should do a lunch/happy hour thing at Opa.
  8. latin house

    Latin house is amazing man, i have a buddy in london who is all about it and is going to make it big someday.... hopefully. Yo when u get down here hit me up and we will wild'out, you mounopano.