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  1. Lawler fakes it @ Avaland

    You know, I'm not sure what all of you people who are bashing Avalon are on. I have been going to GIANT ever since they opened at Circus and I have been hooked. Now that I am a bit older I dont go out nearly as much as I used to and havent done drugs in like two years, but if I go out it is usually for GIANT events because of the music ...I love it. I was there for Steve Lawler and Sander Kleinember and Sasha and everytime I had an awesome time. This whole thing with the vibe...it all comes down with the company that you are with and your own mood. We should all be proud to have a club like Avaland that will host huge talent and promoters like Giant. Is nice to know that if I want to go out on a Saturday night without planning involved I will for sure find a haven for Dance music .