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  1. hello from london!!

    i live in west london near heathrow
  2. hello from london!!

    thanx.. my apartment has already been booked since march.. booking the flight in august..yyaayy!!! yeah completely serious.. i don't take going to NYC as a joke... yeah want to experience the whole time square thing with the drop of the ball and then end up in a aclub..$100.. thats quite a bit.. have to start saving then
  3. hello from london!!

    i know its bought the whole transport system on a stand still... people in london can't get out.. people who live in london can't get in.. so fucking crap!!
  4. hello from london!!

    thanx.. i have been to NYC ATWICE B4 BUT NEVER FOR NEW YEARS EVE,, looking forward to it
  5. hello from london!!

    y would i need to pay now.. can't i just pay at the door?
  6. hello from london!!

    yeah but need to start thinking now cos i have never been to NYC for new years b4..
  7. asian invasian at roxy

    excuse me but your out of line there... i am asian and i haven't got 1 bad thing to say about any colour... your so out of order
  8. Pacha New York?

    hey i'm from london.. so obvioulsy i didn't see the flyer... but what is pachas like? do they have any new years eve parties?
  9. hello from london!!

    hi all.. me and 4 other girls from london are comong to new york for new years eve!!!..we are all really looking forward to it.. what is new years eve in NYC like? will it be easy to get into clubs?