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  1. Vegas' Next New Hotspot!

    From the pictures of Tao NYC and Vegas... it's basically the exact same place as the Buddha Bar in Paris. I went there many times back in 2000-2001. The concept worked great over there. They had DJ's that played house on the upstairs balcony-like bar level that they treated more like an ultra lounge. Great times. They never made the main floor into a club (probably due to the fact that a dinner in France can take like 3 hrs) but the layout screamed nightclub.
  2. Trip Reports?

    Damn you guys are good (and fast) when it comes to passing info along...
  3. Roll Call this Weekend - 9-11th

    We're in. Fri-Sun Staying at theHOTEL. Is anyone else staying there too???
  4. When planning a trip to Vegas ....

    Yeah, that was the #4 i was referring to. Late, Maybe you'll spill it via PM??? Either that or we'll just have to hit you up at club this weekend and pry you with booze!
  5. july9-14

    Cool. thanks for the info. Should be a sweet weekend... We used to live in San Diego and should be rolling through with some LA peeps this weekend they get off their asses and come out to play. (You know who you are!!!)
  6. Just talked to some people I know. 2 different groups are doing a multi-nightclub thing from Thursday-Saturday and both are calling theHOTEL headquaters. Not too sure all the clubs they are hitting and on which nights, but if anyone really wants to know, I'm sure I can find out for sure.
  7. When planning a trip to Vegas ....

    I'd love to hear what was the act that took place in #4 and the venue because may need to include the spot in my next trip. Maybe I too old or too jaded, but I'm still trying to be "shocked" in Veags. Been pleasantly surprised a few times, but would love to have a "did that really just happen?" moment.
  8. july9-14

    Cool. Thanks for the info. It will all depend on how my girl wants to start the night, but it definitely sounds like a nice way to get things going.
  9. That's what we get for going to Vegas just to party and never gamble: never any hook ups like that. But i'm sure you've dropped more than enough cash at the tables to be treated a little better than us mere mortals. Looks like I'll once again be relying on my girl's boobs to get us over. Yeah, I'm bad like that... lol
  10. july9-14

    I'm another ex-New Yorker with a deep White craving that's hitting Vegas this weekend (7/8-7/10) We're thinking about Teatro before Drai's just to check it out. What's a good time to get there?
  11. My girl and I are also going to be staying at theHOTEL this weekend. Found out that there's a Swingers convention in town at the Stardust, but theHOTEL is base camp for several of the groups. The groups are throwing pool parties during the day all weekend long. So, it should make for some really interesting people watching, but it's probably going to be impossible to get beds. Let us know if you find out anything good going down in the area of house on Fri night. ~Peace