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  1. Attn: Kaydup

    so how big was your biggest turd of the day?
  2. Joe Pesci

    Woogy no one really cares.
  3. Bump Sucks. WTF is up here?

    only cobretti can save bump.
  4. photoshop question

    why not be "yourself" and change your screename to usedandabusedbuttaface?
  5. better than sex right, you pedophile in training
  6. i always wondered why slickslider is so creepy and how he dreams about fucking lolahotass in his lego city
  7. Attn: Kaydup

  8. JP vs BORIS!!

  9. And you thought my flyers were bad!

  10. cut it out headpussy

    oh look it's Detective NerdModel and the case of the missing FSNs.
  11. saw 2

    a/s/l????????????????????? check your Pms