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  1. Dj Rap!!!!!

    Do you break? Just curious. My bf went and he usually put up a good show. He was wearing a yellow t-shirt and baggy pants. If he was into it, he probably did a head spin. Did you see him?
  2. joey beltram

    Where did he play and what kind of music? Isn't this a British DJ from Yorkshire?
  3. Astro & Glyde @ Crobar, Fri 8/5

    My bf and I are going. Should be great party.
  4. Deep dish were great in Crobar. I am sure they were at Cielo. I wish I could've gone with my bf. He had to work.
  5. Nut & Honey Thursdays @ Blvd, 7/21

    Pictures look very nice. What kind of crowd go there and what's the best night?
  6. Nut & Honey Thursdays @ Blvd, 7/21

    How is Blvd in geneal? How much is it to get in?
  7. DeEp!

    Deep is nice. I was there few months ago with my bf and that place is full of great dancers.
  8. Change is a comin at Spirit

    I like Spirit and Avalon. I think this is a great combination. I just hope China town does not show up there, LOL.
  9. Desyn Masiello @ Spirit, Fri 7/22

  10. ATTN: tellingsecrets

  11. Victor Calderone (5AM - Close) at crobar 7/23

    Ok. I understand now. I just think he is a really good dancer. He won many local competitions in Japan, and I was proud of my boy, thats all. I am sure this board has great dancers. Can we get along now?
  12. attn: Peenalope a.k.a. *********

  13. attn: Peenalope a.k.a. *********

    Great, now I got neg. point from the MASK. What the hell is going on here.
  14. Victor Calderone (5AM - Close) at crobar 7/23

    Not sure I understand. You saying silverbull is the best dancer in town?