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  1. Italian DJ Mauro Picotto will be @ Pacha 8/29. Tickets are $20 but if you go to pachanyc.com you can get on the list for free before midnight. If anyone is planning to go, message me...I'm looking to get a group together. www.myspace.com/mauropicotto
  2. Is anyone into alternative events like swingers clubs? Never been but looking to check it out and want advice on where to join. Msg me if you can help. thx.
  3. Sweet, love PVD! Pier 54 is at West Street and 13th Street
  4. The new Crobar / best dance spots NYC

    Thanks, Scoob-e! Are you a member of forloveofhouse? It's sorta like myspace for house heads.
  5. The new Crobar / best dance spots NYC

    Thanks for all the feedback/suggestions, ya'll! I hear you house on the scene going back to it's roots...miss the old places I used to party at that are long gone. So, does the NYC group meet-up for any events? Where can I find info on more underground parties?
  6. Has anyone been to Mezmr (the new Crobar?) I used to party at Crobar back in the day. Live in L.A. now but moving back to NYC late summer and wondering where were the best nights out for house/trance are these days? Any feedback would be great! Thx.
  7. Oakenfold - Queen Mary 6/14

    Oakenfold is doing a show on the Queen Mary 6/14. You can find all the details on Clubzone.com and they are selling $40 pre-sale tix (the $30 already sold out). Is anyone interested in going? Would love to get a group together.
  8. Any goos parties tonight?

    Man, I can't believe that I missed Tiesto! Why would he be playing in SD on Saturdays when he could be in LA?! Anyone going out tonight, or know of good parties? Drop me an email at [email protected]
  9. I'm solo tonight (the roomie is out of town) and I feel like going dancing. None of my LA friends are into dancing, unfortunately. I'm an east coast girl and all my college girlfriends are back east, been in LA about a year now. Looking for someone to join me out tonight and I'm open to whatever venue, as long as there's a dancefloor. Hit me up if anyone is interested. I'm a fun girl, I promise.
  10. I recently moved to L.A. but I'm going to be back in NYC with all my girls for New Years Eve. I wanted to gauge where everyone is going and where the best parties are going to be. Any and all suggestions appreciated! Thanx!
  11. Make sure it is a legit 501©3 charity. Can't beat bringing a smile to the soldiers overseas!
  12. Vanguard

    Has anyone been to the new Vanguard...how's the refurb? I haven't been out in a while and all my club friends are back east. Looking to hook up with some peeps for a night out...any takers?
  13. weyes' wisdom of the day - 5/16/06

    If you're looking for great deals and discounts check out fatwallet.com. You can also price compare on shopzilla.com. Happy shopping!
  14. what was the first album you ever bought?

    Wow, this is a blast from the past....mine was Pocket Full of Kryptonite by Spin Doctors. Thriller was definitely up there too...my friend can do a wicked kareoke rendition of PYT.
  15. weyes' wisdom of the day - 4/25/06

    Ahh, thanks weyes one. Sorry about the gender slip.