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  1. how to build up my arms?

    thanks - lol i'd just come back from 2 weeks surfing in portugal so they're not quite like that no mores
  2. how to build up my arms?

    i can post a pic of my arms to see if its possible to have any muscles on them LOL :-p you can kinda see my arms in my personal webpage www.myspace.com/scuppy
  3. how to build up my arms?

    hey, thanks where would i find him? - is there a way to browse members?
  4. how to build up my arms?

    hello all - first post and was looking for some help/tips i recently had a car crash (shattered right patella) and i can no longer cycle or skateboard - the things i loved to do! i have nothing to do to pass the time and my dad's got some weights and a bench thingy in the garage that he don't mind me using but i don't know exactly how i should go about working out!? i'm 5'10" medium build and i'd basicly like to have bigger biceps/triceps i guess i'd ideally like to have arms of a simialr size to Matt Shadows from A7X (middle guy in both pics) what should i do to go about getting arms like him? many thanks Ben