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  1. lust4house forums???

    i give more support to the house scene than you
  2. who is the biggest slut you know?

  3. Sunday LDW Beach Party

    house all day well you won't see phellipio there come to think about it nobody will be there. hahahahahahahaha see you sunday
  4. Friday, September 1st @ Space (Updated Line Up Inside)

    shut up get back in the closet by the way like i saide before see you there dumbass
  5. Friday, September 1st @ Space (Updated Line Up Inside)

    :roll: nuff saide see you there phillipio
  6. Rabbit in The Moon Live @ Revolution!

    wipe you're nose you malparido,chupa tuerqa,lambia rosca,tuberculoso,besides la migra will take care of you on saturday.
  7. Frisk-e July At Blue!

    how the fuck you expect people to show support if u cancel at the last min. f the rain and the pussy fart knockers that can't get wet. whent to blue and saw some dumbass spinning and the place had 15 people in it. thanks lyrik and by the way pick up yoU 're CELL PHONE WIPERSNAPER
  8. Congratz Nelson a.k.a Drillnutz

    don't be mad cause u drive a tractor thanks guy's i thought to get my midlife crisis over with and get a new car.and yes bin pimpin all weekend long in the new ride and no don't sleep in it,and no smoking what so ever in the car.(going fucking nut's smoked 5 cigs. all weekend long) well got to let u guy's go been up since friday morning pimping the car.
  9. Rabbit in The Moon Live @ Revolution!

    sorry you're wrong last 2 blue events no funk and they where the best that i've been to in a wile i'm sure more people agree but don't whan't to hurt his feelings but as you can see i don't care. hahahahahahahahahah funk nows he's the party(in a toilet bowl)
  10. Philippio listens to trance...

    : . don't cry little girl, we now you are all about blablablabla
  11. Rabbit in The Moon Live @ Revolution!

    remember i never got my blue membership revoked ever, u can all kiss my american,cuban hairy assssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss tonight see you there you biaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatches
  12. Rabbit in The Moon Live @ Revolution!

    don't make me call la migra,i spell bad but can dial the phone and speak perfect. careful tonight you to biaaaaatches la migra will pick you up.that's wright none of you will show up tonight.i give better support to the music and the dj's than u 2. LOW BLOW
  13. Rabbit in The Moon Live @ Revolution!

    blablablablabla wrong i have something you wish you hade a usa birthcertificet, born usa miami biaaaaaaaaatch
  14. mdamon and the magic brownies...

    dude im so hungry(3hotdogs and 4 burgers later) you got the munchies
  15. Frisk-e July At Blue!

    i'll try but you now that they are scared to hear anything new. and let's see if you're guy's give support like phillipio