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  1. Mr. Freeze's Super Slide Sundays Welcomes Melle Mel

    Are you serious? Don't you know who Melle Mel is? Well obvious you don't, or else you won't ask that question. He's a live performer, not a dj. He did the "The Message" with Grandmaster Flash.
  2. Good House Muzik 4 Labor Day Wkend in LV

    For Thursdays, the best bet is VooDoo Lounge @ the Rio, they have a good solid house night. I personally like the Red Room, the bar on Sahara, it's a local spot, but it enjoy the music a lot more there than anywhere on the strip. Fri, and Sat. Tao has a house room, but usually early in the evening, Jet has a solid house room, and of course ICE.
  3. Good House Muzik 4 Labor Day Wkend in LV

    You can check out ICE's website. www.icelasvegas.com. It'll give you a complete listing of all the djs that will be there. Empire Ballroom holds it down during the afterhours on the weekends as far as electronic music goes. Also you can catch house music @ seamless during afterhours, but I don't know if that's the kind of house you're looking for. I wish that you could stay till Wed so that you can check out Tao on Tuesdays, because I think it has best house night and Foundation Room on Mondays. I guess it all depends on the preference of the style you're looking for. There's a underground spot on Sahara and Valley View, it's called the Red Room, they play deep and funky house. But if you say your music experience is better with east coast djs then you probably wont like it. Rehab sometimes have house djs on sundays, Body English and Risque have a house room. Hopefully this helps.
  4. Baby Freeze

    OMG!!! That was great!!! Haha, 25month old BBoy!!!
  5. Tangerine

    i heard that they are going to open up a sushi bar on the second floor. That's about it.
  6. It's been a long time...

    hi tommy, why you're not calling me anymore. by the way this is shauna.
  7. Dj Am

    OMG...here we again. I said "shut up and start practicing" is because another DJ said it's not that hard to play top 40. I was trying to make a point that top 40 songs are just as hard if not harder than electronica. And i don't think it's fair for hip-hop djs to say that play electronica music is easy either, therefore I stated that those who can playing both sets is considered a better OVER-ALL DJ then those who can't. I WAS NOT saying this directly to everyone that DJs. Grandmaster flash is an OG, he's doing his thing, and I'm down with that. But TECHNICALLY speaking, he's not as good as some of other DJs, I give him much respect for he's done in the past, don't get me wrong here. Again you're missing my point, I said in the "DJ INDUSTRY", skills has nothing to do with how well-know a DJ is and/or becomes. You are talking at how skills do matter when it comes to rocking a crowd, which I agree completely. Sometimes I feel you are missing the point on purpose just for the sake of arguing. So just let it go man...i'm getting tired of this. You do your thing, i'll do my thing, and everyone will be happy. YAY!!!!!!!
  8. Dj Am

    You don't need to know how to djing both types of music, but my point is that if you can you are BETTER than those who can't. About the any type of equipment, so what your saying is that if I uses a premade top 40 mix on a computer and just play for a top 40 crowd and everyone is happy that means I'm a good dj? No matter what type of equipment I use right? It's still my mix, but I just did it before the gig. It's all politics, let's just put it that way. Skills have nothing to do with it....PERIOD!!!!
  9. Dj Am

    Okay, I can't help to put my 2 cents in about DJ AM, Tiesto, and other DJ that I really admire. DJ AM: Great DJ, love his technical skills BEFORE he got serato, because now he’s doing multi track blending with his pre-mixed songs which he made in Pro Tools adding intros and 3 different acappellas and extra scratching. But music is music, by the end of the night, people that doesn't know too much about djing are still in awe of his performance. I like him better when he was spinning vinyl. I feel he’s just doing more than he needs with serato program. DJ Tiesto: Technically he does have flawless beat matching skills, and he is an awesome producer, which made him who he is today. However, if you have him spin other genre of music such as hip-hop, rock, 80's, funk/soul, and Latin music, he would clear the floor and train wreck as if it’s his first time spinning. So looking at just his Disk Jockey skills and not his status, he is not as good as DJ AM (for example) and will not be the #1 DJ. DJ P: Awesome, awesome, awesome. This guy can mix whatever he wants, anything kind of music. You name it he can do it. For example, I saw him at an underground show, and he mixed Pharcyde's "Passing me By" acappella with Aphrodite's "Superman" drum bass track, OMG!!!! That was a master piece of so call “Mash UP”!!!! Of course that's going to clear the dancing floor at Pure, or Tao, but at a underground spot or showcase concert, people will go and did go nuts!!! And his knowledge of music is beyond my imagination. He can name a song on what label, what BMP and etc. He spends time studying music, MUSIC!!! And what I don't like is when people who DJs only electronic music (House, Breaks, Trance, etc) have no idea how hard it is to spin hip-hop or other types of music and vise versa. And guess what, yes you can clear the floor by playing radio hits, I've seen it done before, not because the crowd is not into that type of music, but it was the programming and how the DJ brings in the song that cleared the floor. Here's a test for all you DJs out there, if you normally spins electronic music, try spinning hip-hop for 1 hour, see how you can rock a hip-hop crowd, and for those who spins hip-hop trying mixing house for an 1 hour and see if you can rock a house crowd. If you can hold it down, then you are a good DJ, if you can’t, then shut up and start practicing. And what I have noticed in this whole DJing industry, just like acting, it has nothing to do with skills....PERIOD!!!! It's all about who you know and being at the right place at the right time. So, in the end, skill is one thing, and business is another, and music is relative, everyone has their own opinion, to me as far as skills goes, DJ AM is better than Tieso, and DJ P is better than AM.
  10. Tao on a Tuesday

    I thought there was a good amount of people @ the event. They pulled around 400 people. Which is not bad at all, especially just for the lounge area and not to mention, not a top 40's night. And besides I think it there were more than 500 people, it would loose the vibe and the intimacy of the atmosphere. The night is purely (no pun intended) for people who wants to have a good time, wearing comfortable shoes and clothes, and enjoy good house music.
  11. REHAB review

    Okay here it goes. I got there around noon, before I walked inside the casino I could see the line already formed along the walls. The general admission line was all the way to the pink taco, and the vip line was just as bad. Remind you the entrance to rehab is close to the parking garage elevator. Good thing I was able to get in with out waiting too long, but I couldn't imagine how long the others would have to wait. The place was pretty much packed around 1. You couldn't walk, it was shoulder to shoulder, unless you get in the pool, then you might have just about couple of more feet to move around. The djs were playing all the mainstream club music that you probably heard the night before and will hear the night of. Hip-hop, rock, house, whatever. I really wished they could play some nice chilled music so that I could relax to. This is a pool party not a club!!! Now, the good stuff. Can we say boobs?!?! Wow, I have never seen so many perfect shape boobs and so many gorgeous looking girls. They were getting drunk and dancing, showing off what they got. sooo...in the end I give it a 5 out of 10. Long line, it was a hassle to get in (even in the vip area), mad music, too many people, I would give it a 0 but all the stuff that went on inside definitely added 5 more points. I guess if you are a tourist, definitely come to rehab at lease once, show up around 9 in the morning and wait in line, then you should be cool. You can check out some pictures from Rehab @ http://vegas.napkinnights.com/pics/index.php, and make sure to check out the short 7 min video.
  12. Q-Bert and Craze in Vegas!!!

    i got a chance to meet with Q-Bert in Person. Wow, what an experinence!!! He is so dope and he is so humble like you couldn't believe. But I do have a question. I know he doesn't really spin jungle and maybe just a little bit of breaks(funk) and hip-hop. So what would he be doing? Showcasing his scratching, or an actual DJ Set?
  13. But Wait.. There's More... Teatro Ressurection

    It's going to be in Lounge area. It would work better anyways. In the mainroom, even if you have 300 people in there it'll still seems empty. I like the lounge area better, because the decor is better, more chilled atmosphere, and it'll go just right with house music. Hopefully they'll have cheap drinks prices for that nice because I can't afford $8 just for a domestic beer and $5 water. I heard a rumor that they might be using the pool area too for this weekly nighting during the summertime. That'll be so great!
  14. Pioneer dj battle @ 54 last night

    In my opinion, I think DJ P did a great job that night and he did NOT do the same mixes that he use to do during a normal club set. He was playing drum n bass and mixing different acappella over it. I have never sent it done before. It was great watching him mixing and pleasing to the ear at the same time, and this is true every time i have watched/heard him. He does some of the same mixes over tabu but he'll also pull some really great stuff that could only work with the Slide crowd. The reason he does some of the same mixes is because it works! DJ P makes it look easy, but it is really hard and you have to time it right. Not every acapella works with every instrumental. Not everyone that he plays for lives in Vegas, and maybe that will be their last time seeing DJ P.
  15. R.I.P. Jay Dee (ATCQ / Pharcyde / Slum Vil.)

    I was flipping through the "Behind the Beat" and saw his studio for the first time...and his kid, so cute!!! He will be missed.