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  1. If you are white and your gf / bf is chinese, can u get in?
  2. Happy BDAY eliseo(MSCREW)

    Happy birthday Eli. Du what u du
  3. Last time I saw hi djing I wasnt that crazy about him. He`s ok, but dont expect too much. Trust me, he`s ok. He changes the songs nicely, but thats about it. He dont take u nowhere. Have fun and let me know.
  4. Pacha New York?

    Pacha is too big. Is not gonna be a good club. Is too big. And plus, the main floor has about 400 people capacity. The rest of the people are gonna "trip" up and down the stairs with no connection with the dj or whats happenin in there. They just lookin for some "chicks". Is gonna be shitty. No club bigger that the size of spirit or arc is ever gonna be only about music.
  5. Cant wait for this one..... hihihi http://www.ultranewyork.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=13&Itemid=31
  6. Couple of good sets for download

    No credit card required. Telecheck only
  7. http://beatfactor.net/. try: DANNY HOWELLS - Live @ Shindig, Newcastle - UK (19-03-05)
  8. http://nights.ro/main.htm This is a nice website. Too bed then dont have a english version, but if u go to "muzica" or "dj" u can find nice music. No need to understand.
  9. Photo / video mania

    y cant people have fun without takin pictures? I hate when Im doin my shit and somebody is flashing that shit straight in my eyes. Feel like breakin that shit. Cant even dance without worryin that the next day my grandmuda`s gonna c me triping on clubplanet.com or some other shit. OMG, I so miss Arc parties where no cameras were allowed. ..........
  10. Cant wait for that...... Too bad is not in Spirit.