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  1. Josh Wink @ PS1 this Saturday

    I kinda liked how he mixed in House of Jealous Lovers in with Higher State of Consciousness... Stacey Pullen was definitely killer though. I'm so SICK of all those fucking Target corporate shwag crap that everyone throws everywhere, is there anything more annoying than having to look around to make sure you don't get hit in the head while you're dancing? 6$ beers, too expensive... drank 2 Sparks in the train going there.
  2. Roni Size and Andy C @ Spirit...

    check out www.directdrive.net I must say, the dnb community has pretty much evaporated, but there were tons at Avalon for Roni Size last year. Andy C runs Ram Records and will probably drop the latest freshest plates on earth. No one has better tracks than that guy.
  3. Any of you fools going? 9/8, 25$ Pretty fucking cheap to hear Andy C AND Roni Size. Roni Size last year at Avalon was totally sick and the only time I ever Andy C was in Tokyo and it was completely MENTAL. Both together are gonna completely rip that place to shreds. Fuckin there.
  4. Djs walking OUT of the booth?!?!

    It's not like such a special skill. Half the people I knew in University could mix, maybe scratching is more skill-oriented but not every dj scratches. Software like Ableton's Live 5 allows you to easily mix mp3's so you can concentrate on using efffects, creating loops, adding beats... you can do some really fucked up shit with a laptop, Live and a MIDI controller. Plus, then you don't have to haul around 200 pounds of vinyl everywhere you go...
  5. Hey, I love Amon Tobin. I've seen him live several times, he usually does DJ sets, no Live things. Last time I saw him he ended his set with Slayer's Raining Blood mixed with the hardest breaks I've ever heard, totally worked! Anyway, I saw !!! on the boat last year. I have to tell you, they only have 2 bars, service is slow, drinks are expensive. Also, knowing the NY crowd, there will be NO dancing at this event. Call me a pessimist, but every time I go see acts like Prefuse 73, Manitoba, Amon Tobin, anything that isn't straight up dance music, the hipsters just stand around like dumb-asses staring at the stage like watching a dude with a laptop is the most interesting thing in the world. Finally, unlike bars, where you can leave whenever you're sick of being there, you're trapped on this thing until they bring you back. At the !!! show, that meant that we lingered in the harbour for about 90 minutes after the end of the concert. There's nothing to do but drink their expensive drinks... I don't think it's worth it. Amon Tobin lives in Montreal, he comes to NYC regularly. Go see him some other time (especially if it's part of Ninja Tune tour).