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    I been around the music industry in recording for a while now. Im happy where i am and with what i have achieved. Thanks to those who helped me along the way
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    Ny Tri-state area
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    Music production, imaging (audio), Graphic production, housekeeping (my own home) and asoorted procrastination
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    I work with amputees mainly in the day. by night i do my online businesses
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  1. Lets Bring CP Baaaack....Who's with me??

    i got so much more done when i wasnt posting here
  2. WTF?!?! mine too? somebody needs to do a DB cleaning i see
  3. Ola!

    OMG is the 5th musketteer
  4. yes1

    not cute
  5. Lets Bring CP Baaaack....Who's with me??

    BIG BIRRRRD!!! (since we are posting random words) what up Motbh
  6. Paris

    bitch. cant stand this waste of flesh.
  7. no midgets? cause ill be there if you got any midgets
  8. Live Sets

    thats it? wow i have more then this to post in my opod alone where is everyone on this thread? as if no one isdownlloading sets
  9. Recently i found out that Musicv2 website is gone.... was this something the djs knew was approaching? did you guys know what was up? Well...Gather the troops..... lets see if we can start a MusicV3 ??? Build it better, bigger, more geared for the djs and not just some happy little programming thing. Lets see if we can make it work FOR the djs and not just drop a few dollars into the pockets of the owners. PM me or reply here and lets keep this thread up please
  10. Laurent get in touch with me via email submissions @ Antifmradio . com if you need a new home to do your thing do your own live shows host your mixes ( WAY more then you will use im sure in space ) get in touch with me. that email address above sends a message to myself, my finacee' and our A&R guy Shoot a message there with a download link for one of your mixes + some contact info on you. We will take care of the rest. Also check your PMs... i have a question for ya that you may be able to help me with
  11. so faderwave doesnt give you any space to upload your shows when they are done?
  12. What do most of you do for a living?

    uhh TG this thread is from 2000
  13. Attn all djs house, hip hop, freestyle, R&B, Electro, Techno and trance just came across this website that does big promotions for djs in the area lets you add your flyers to their events area your images show up on their mainpage ( clickable ) and ...... they have a TON of free music downloads for djs PM me.. i dont wantto place the link here in the boards else CP might ban it
  14. here we go a little sleep time a little time at the office then its off to the event. Lets do this thing
  15. this event is also being use to have new djs come down and leave us their MiX submission CDS so if yore game and want to be part of our roster of djs, get to play live shows from nightclubs, lounges, and other places Come down to the place, ask anyone of the djs for Liqid or Bexx or Nick diablo and we will take it from there Please make sure to bring with you 1) a Mix set on CD. 2) Your contact info either on a business card in your CD packet 3) A few minutes of time to sit and speak with us.