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  1. Boris 9/10 Crobar ID...

    nice guess, I actually remember that being played around the same time but its not it. Come to think of it the boom in the song was more like a roar, I don't know how else to describe it ha ha. I give up till the next boris night then I'll try it again.
  2. Boris 9/10 Crobar ID...

    I'm sorry I know no other way to describe it. It has no words and that's the main bass line. If you were there at that time and heard it, it would probably be easy to ID. Any help would be nice but I'm sorry that's all I got.
  3. Boris 9/10 Crobar ID...

    He played this song that last couple of times I've seen him at Crobar. Its a hard, dark song it came on around 8 right before or two songs before Cruel Summer. The only way i can really describe is it has a real hard hitting beat goes something like "boom (pause) boom boom" and repeats over and over, there's more to the song but that's the beat that really sticks out to me. Its a real crowd pleaser the place always goes off when he drops it. I know that's not much to go off of but if you were there you'll probably know what I'm talking about. Can't get this beat out of my head, any help would be great. Thanks