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  1. PACHA NYC (Morillos new club)A Nightmare!

    no one will ever do that place again like Richard Grant and his staff...
  2. PACHA NYC (Morillos new club)A Nightmare!

    sound system actually sounds like th old sf sound..no reason to change that..it was better than anything you ever heard.
  3. I was staying away from the opening weekend, and judging by all of your posts yesterday, i made the right choice! Waiting till the dust settles and these assholes figure out how to run a NYC club before i go. Hopefully, it will last more than a month. So it seems the sound may be the same.. When did they close? Is it afterhours? Are the lights the same? Is the inside totally different? Someone give me a report pleeease?
  4. angelbabyoo5-1-ad

  5. Club Rubber

    OMFGGG when can I F you!!! All of you!!
  6. Hotties

    Wow, I'd F all three of you! Mwuaaaaa!!!
  7. Goodlife Fridays @ Distrikt

    I love asian HOTTTIES like you, god damn when can I get my hands on you? FUCKING HOTTTT
  8. Some "housedancing" clips for ya to enjoy!

    Crouching Tiger Hidden CRACK HEAD!! Mwuaaaahhahahahhahahaaaaaaa!!!!!
  9. Jonathan Peters Halloween @ Avalon, Sat 10/29

    Another asshole JP hater! If you dont like the music he spinns and you dont like him, then DONT FUCKING GO! You people just love to hate him, your all fucking fake!!!
  10. Club Rubber

    Fawnkinnnnn Hoottttt!! I love the rubber girls! Delicious!!! Can I get a lick?
  11. Diablos Chica

    Wow, sick abs!! Hotttieeeeee

    Hey hun, can I peel your cheeks back like a chiquita banana? Yummmmmm
  13. Ouch!!!

    Wow, can I eat you like candy!!! Yummmmmmm
  14. Pacha - JP - Richard Grant - UPDATE

    Morillo @ Space - WMC 2005 was the last time.... Yawn
  15. Pacha - JP - Richard Grant - UPDATE

    Morillo,, blaaaahhh Phoeyyy!!! You compare him to JP? Are you [email protected]# Kidding me? Morillo is gum on JP's shoe! Cant wait until Pacha opens with him spinning and freggin P Ditty starts MC'in on the mic. Everyeon is giogn to thow shit at the DJ booth. The only reason I would even go there is cause it was the old Factory. I'm curious what the new space is going to look like. That place will be dead in no time! You wait and see!! Morillo.. Haaaaa!!