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  1. Infusion @ Nocturnal Review

    aaaaaaaah i love the pics..hahah thanks
  2. Attn: Mods

    que gente mas grosera
  3. Attn: Mods

  4. The Floodgates Have Opened!!! (welcome newbies)

    eeeeeeeeeeh those girls are tha bomb!
  5. The Floodgates Have Opened!!! (welcome newbies)

    Hi Im Chica....... what up? hehe
  6. Attn: Mods

    haha sounds like he is well known around here ....
  7. Attn: Mods

    haha I remember u trying bother me before, please stop trying to be a smartass or whatever u are trying to be, u sound like a complete idiot to me....
  8. Attn: Mods

    u are very welcome but I still think u had no point and yeah I will go do that later......
  9. Attn: Mods

    I wouldn't be talking like that if I was from "Queens" that's really UNCOOL lol .....
  10. Private Apology

  11. Attn: Mods

    .... I think u are in trouble now lol
  12. Attn: Mods

    This is too funny, Phil what did u do to Renzo???? or is it that u are smarter than him and he is just jelous? LOL
  13. Eric Morillo

    oooh I get it u are surprise he can actually "think" lol
  14. Eric Morillo

    is this an inside joke or something Phil Im lost haha
  15. Eric Morillo

    esa misma boludo haha