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  1. Fort Lauderdale

    I know this is a Miami forum, but I'll be staying in Fort Lauderdale this coming weekend. Can someone please give me some suggestions as to the best restaurants and clubs/lounges (good house and a little of hip hop) in Fort Lauderdale. Thanks.
  2. VEGAS - Oct. 6-11

    So I'm coming out from nyc and will be out in Vegas for a bachelor party, so obviously not ideal to get into all the hot clubs, but me and 2 of my boys will probably split from the crew and try to hit up the best spots, so far I'm looking at Pure, Rain, Tao, and Ice as must go. I'll be staying at Venetian, so Tao for sure, but which night? How about some help with the other nights and best advice to get into these spots? We're used to doing bottle service in nyc, is that what needs to be done in Vegas as well? Anybody know the deal with these VIP or Front of the line passes that I've seen on vegas.com? Are they legit? Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks.