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  1. Lost Ipod @ Pacha, Howells

    ^ Ok, da college town. Sometimes i hit up a few clubs depending on what's going on over there. They suppose to be opening a new club in New Paltz called Club Truman ( formerly The Wave, Bar n Grille, and some other names ). Been like 4 months they've been waiting on there license from Albany :-| But they said they're gonna bring up a lot of NYC djs. Long rides with out gigs of music deff sucks. I must ave checked my pockets like 50 times in disbelief , lol. No reason to use Itunes now though, less i switch to my Mac. Microsoft and Zune would be happy, lol.
  2. Lost Ipod @ Pacha, Howells

    Kingston, bout 30 min north of poughkeepsie.
  3. Lost Ipod @ Pacha, Howells

    ^ haha, i just googled that, nice one.
  4. Lost Ipod @ Pacha, Howells

    ^ for your case, yep. wiser than a bag of lays, heh.
  5. Lost Ipod @ Pacha, Howells

    Wow, lol. Crazy assumptions. When you should know a person first! got an impression i tend to come to clubs with a lot of stuff almost seems like for some reason. If i do it's cause i travel far and on a bus , but i still travel as light as i can for dancing. Pure dancin all night :-) sidoolongo, Hipness? Did you read my post bout taking a 2 hour bus? The last thing i worry bout is being "Hip". N fact i usually dress different from others when i go out, more rave style, ufos, illigs, kikwear , etc if i can get into the club and dont care bout fitting in. I dress for comfort to dance, those clothes styles are much more comfy to dance in. Actually it was the best club night of music i've seen since carl [email protected] Avalon way back. On the ride back i'm always knocked out on the bus so it's only like a 5 min ride it feels. ghhhhhost, me 17? Inexperienced? lol, if you knew me youd be far from sayin that man. Same q , did Ya read my post bout taking a 2 hour bus trip? Silverbull, Yeah i should have and normally do, but pockets were low for this party. Just made the guestlist price of $25, lol. kfitz73, whoa, what reviews did u hear from? SICK f*cking night! DH mixing and track selection is serious!
  6. Lost Ipod @ Pacha, Howells

    There's always a few who wonder why, lol. I took a bus 2 hours north of NYC so it was needed for the bus ride. Why else would i bring music to music? I've been doin it for years man. Thx god to gettin my drivers license soon now.
  7. Lost Ipod @ Pacha, Howells

    damn, least someone got a wind of that. Thx for the nfo. He's gonna want a color one soon though. Guess now's my chance. Now though, i wish i had thrown linux on that Ipod for an OS. That would ave confused em at how to use it , lol.
  8. Lost Ipod @ Pacha, Howells

    I had my Ipod in my pocket and usually i dont have stuff like that in my pockets while dancing. If anyone has came across a 4th gen black n white lcd click wheel Ipod, lots of "rave" techno beats, T-Quest, Bones, Vaeth etc. I'd be very happy if you had a angeled heart and notified me. Maybe someone has stomped on it already while dancing, i wouldn't be suprised if it survived though. I've put the thing through a good amount of torment already, dropping it in the past. Thanks.
  9. I just realized i lost my Ipod. I put it in my pocket and usually stuff stays in my pocket when dancing although i keep it to a min what i usually have in my pockets for dancing. Guess i'll make another post bout it, see if anyone has a heart. It's just a black n white 4th gen though, i'm in need for a upgrade anyhows.
  10. My first Howells exp, the best time i had in a long time!
  11. You think you will have tickets sunday before the party?