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  1. Report on Studio 54 Tuesday / DJ P / Brutal VIP hustle

    The renovations for Studio 54 should all be done by the 27th of December. A few small jobs might carry in to the new year.
  2. Studio 54 - Expanding its walls

    This has been a great board to read. Some people came pretty close but most of you missed it by a mile. Many years ago we started working on a remodel for Studio 54. Construction is not cheep in Las Vegas. In a hotel the cost of construction can reach $1000.00 per square foot. We made a choice to invest in a new club and put off the remodel for a few years. It was a wise choice. Because of the success of Studio 54 we were able to create Tabu. For the past three years Tabu has been voted #1 Ultra Lounge in the world, WMC Club Systems International. Because of the success of Tabu we can now focus on Studio's remodel again. Studio 54 will have a new front entrance, new seating areas downstairs, new DJ area for all the new Superstars, new VIP bar, new VIP room, new bathrooms upstairs for women and men, new sound system, new lighting, new paint, new smell, new people! For the past eight years Studio 54 continues to break records. All of you in clubland know it's not easy to keep a club packed five nights a week. Try doing it for eight years. Credit to the staff and talent and the strongest brand name in nightclub history. Studio 54. Let me know your thoughts. Mike Milner
  3. Report on Studio 54 Tuesday / DJ P / Brutal VIP hustle

    I will make it a point to read the board, after my crackberry, every morning. After that I read the paper. After three hours sleep. I think I can contribute some real answers to this board. don't be afraid to ask. Mike
  4. Report on Studio 54 Tuesday / DJ P / Brutal VIP hustle

    This message is for djmasterweb. First I would like to say thank you for your comments on 11/09/05. DJ P is awesome!!! Happy to here you enjoyed the show. Your written words are five star Industry (just the props). Sounds like a strange ending to a fun night. I will look into all that. Let me buy you and your guests two bottles to make up the difference next time you come in. DJ P also plays on Friday if you want to mix it up. Lots of great changes comming to Studio 54. Come check them out. Mike Milner Executive Director Studio 54/ Tabu/ Teatro