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  1. Some 2006 space pass info

    Im talking about Space passes, not presale tickets. What you have quoted is in regards to presale tickets for the Steve Lawler Event. There has been no formal annoucements regarding the passes yet as far as I know. I am only speculating/disccussing what could end up happening, and I shared the info that I did come across. Like I said it before it sucks, and after reading what you posted about crobar's policy that is a much better way to handle presales, because like i said before no club is going to hold open all those spots all night just in case someone shows up.
  2. Some 2006 space pass info

    Yeah nothing specific has been said about the passes except that they would only be good for no line and gauranteed entry before 2am, it never did say that they would not be valid for admission after that time. (they most likely will still be good after 2, but no gaurantees, and you have to wait in line, one in one out) Although it seems shitty the 2am thing makes some sense. If space sells 1000 pre sale tickets for an event, and only say 500 showed up by 2 am, they would technically have to keep open 500 more spots just in case these ticket holders showed up at 7am. It is well known however that many people who purchase pre sales are going to space for afterhours aka after 5am. To keep that many spots open for the previous 7 hours while hundreds wait outside will do two things: 1. Cost space a ton of money 2. Ensue a bigger riot outside. Space could jack up the prices of presales and space passes and then this might not be such a concern, but an 80 dollar cover (presale) would get old real soon with a lot of people, and no one would go more than once or twice. Ive been through all the same bs as described above last year, but honestly for the 150 or 300 bucks for a space pass (dont remeber exact figure) thats not an amount that is going to give any of us true vip access and treatment at one of the largest clubs in the world. They want to ensure this year that there are no pre-sale or space pass holders that cannot get into the club for any reason, so this is why there is the cut off, otherwise they have no chance of keeping to thier promises. Passes that really got you in with no line up till 5am or any time and included admission for 5 days would be worth anywhere from 500-1000 bucks, especially for wmc. There are a lot of forces at play in this, not just the owners of space, there are a number of different promotion companies, record labels, artists etc that all have a stake in these events. If the capacity for space is 3000, its is likely that they could have at least 8000 pass through each night. Space has to keep happy not only its stakeholders but also its guests, and i do think this is a decent attempt to do both, even though the reality of it sucks. In the end, we all could just not go, but since they have the club they do and the talent that they do, if we dont someone else will, so I guess that means they get to make the rules. Seeya on the terrace,
  3. http://www.tranceaddict.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&postid=5733519#post5733519
  4. Miami Tips???

    These smaller venues that your speaking of? What ones do you reccomend? I made a thread about this on the main page and no one really got it. Some one posted a flyer for global gathering?!? I Assume they misread. Any smaller venues that you would recomend? Who played at them last year? (not always looking for the biggest headliners here) We will be down from sat the 18 to mon the 27th. Im not really looking for specific events here as I know they may not be confirmed but more so what places are worth checking out? Which clubs are almost worth randomly walking into(randomly used carefully though)? Were mostly into house, prog, tribal, electro etc.
  5. Last year at Space on the terrace Rodger Sanchez dropped a Lawler remix of "At night" - timed along nicely with the CO2 drops, the place blew up. Nuts.
  6. Any places strongly recomended?

    Def wanted to check out mansion. May have to change a flight to see Danny T though. Were relatively sure where we will be going thurs afternoon throught sunday. Only debate is friday night, porter at state, cafeteria, Were gonna be a bit more random in the earlier part of the week. I know we will be at Morillo at space the first night (Saturday the 18th), but sun through tues is up in the air. Might want to catch some good locals or residents in the area on those days, smaller venues etc. Last year there was a pool party that was something like Toronto vs Miami (locals and residents) on the tuesday before wmc -- stuff along those lines.
  7. Last year we went to WMC, went to space a bunch of times, state, pool party at shelborne, ultra, crobar. We were only there from thurs through sat night, so it was a bit of a rush. This year we will be there from the 18-28th, and good a real nice condo at ocean place. Are there any clubs that anyone would recomend to be worth checking out besides the usual? (what i listed above) aka places that you may have went to not so much because of a huge headliner or lineup but just a great club? Has anyone gone to state on besides Lights out last year? I really liked it there. Our group is from Buffalo/toronto and we have learned that many of the best parties with the best music are not always the biggest most publicized. Any help here would be great.