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  1. Underwear Party Reviews

    im one of those assholes who gave that jerkoff 50 bills to buy more meth. fuckiing horrible!!!!
  2. Legendary NIght @ PACHA

    i got to say that i wasnt impressed with the crowd. or the set. i feel the s&m party was 10 times better and even that party cant compare to the old jp. i hate to say it but i feel the down fall everyone on this board has been talking about forever. the guy cant stay at the same level hes like a rollercoaster. one party is decent then the next one sucks. dont get me wrong im a fan. but everythig is gettin old
  3. i havent been to pacha yet(only went to sf) can u wear white sneakers or will they hassel u at the door. as we all kno factory didnt care whut u wore but people have told me that the 2 door men are jerkoffs and break ur balls about minor shit sayin "
  4. artist id

    the songs called "electro" or "electra" everyone played the shit out of it at the winter music conference in miami. but who is it by
  5. na i call my self a WOP. what do u think. ya dumb bitch. im a good looking italian jucie head. just becasue jersey gave us a bad image. we still run shit on LI
  6. sliverbull. i guess ur a hard core fag dancer. i love the black bike gloves. whats ur beef wit italians. just because we like to work out and look good. why u got to hate. come to neptunes this summer youll fit right in wit those gloves.
  7. Jp will ripp it. its gonna be his crowd. all south american crackheads. he should be good. considering all the zomibes ive seen at space. the drugs look like there pretty good in south beach. jp should be wacked out of his mind. so im expecting a whole lot of fuck ups during his set
  8. Is Jp Gay

    are u a jerkoff or a asshole
  9. Is Jp Gay

    Is Jp A Homosexual
  10. Armin van Buuren @ Spirit, Fri 1/27

    ive never seen this guy live is he good or a washup
  11. Xm Or Sirius ?

    i got both... xm in one truck and sirius in my car. sirius is much better then xm. sirius has area and the beat. xm has shit
  12. JP moved to Exit for his Bday bash?

    Vip or regular it dosent matter. the only difference is when u get a table. crackfests are crackfest no matter what ur status. P.S-J.P IS GOD
  13. The art of seduction...

    yo if u go to any crackden in nyc. you dont want to take girls home. cuzx first off you got to sort then out from the asians. then from 10 feet they look made good but then u got to get close and look for a adams apple cuz there are mad he/shes. then if u finaly find one the music is playing to loud and cant hear shit. so its pretty pointless. ur better off find girlsd and bringing thgem there this way everyone gets banged up toghter. p.s dont take home girls fucked up on tina or yayo they turn out to wack jobs
  14. Juice Is Back

    you could take as mcuh milk thistle in the world and ur liver is still gonna get fucked in the end. shit i used to eat start to eat dbols on wed. so by saturday id have a nice extra 5 pounds of water on this way when i went out by 3-4 am i was sucked and looked insane. but no matter what dbols and andro are the worst
  15. Juice Is Back

    ha ur liver and kidneys got to love u. that shit fucked my boy. watch out for that andro. that shit shreds ur liver