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  1. any ultra miami reviews???

    i thought overall ultra kinda sucked: had nothing to do with the talent! i just hate huge venues in the first place: too chaotic and distracting. i also left van dyke early (was right up front too!) to go to space.....i already had tickets but there was noooo way i was going to miss anything...definitly the best night of the week for me....deepdish was amazing not to mention pete tong and sander kleinenberg......i think i was there for over 12 hours! actually every night i went out i stayed up longer than i thought possible -- the whole week was great..next time i'll skip ultra and just stay at the clubs.
  2. are you kidding? i've been waiting since this time last year when i couldn't get it together fast enough to attend..... this is going to be one sick party.... antoine clamaran is the best at building up tension and releasing it in a way that makes me tingle and the rest of the lineup is just as "juicy".
  3. david guetta

    says on his website that he's all over wmc but i can't find specifics of where he's spinning... anyone have info? thx
  4. JP party 2006

    smartass:moon: (but you're right!) ...but hey i was just repeating what i was told.. personally i've never been to wmc or even miami before so what the hell do i know? it's all going to be new and crazy for me. but thanks for being such an enlightening source of information.
  5. JP party 2006

    there is going to be a pool party at nikki that day but it's a pre-party for the show that night at amika:hoparound
  6. Where are all the parties?!?

    hey i wrote the webmaster for amika and asked for the lineup this year for the juicy and friends party. as far as my style goes this is a fantastic lineup and the main reason i'm coming down for wmc at all! Robbie Rivera Antoine Clamaran Benny Benassi Dj Dan Willie Morales DJ Rooster & Sammy Peralta Mark Knight Mixin Marc Tom Stephan (Superchumbo) Tony Arzadon Armand Pena DMS12 see you there!
  7. hip hotel for travelling solo?

    0k--- here's a couple that still have a decent rate: anyone have an opinion about the South Beach Hotel or the Crest hotel? what about the brooklyn hotel? (although i'm not sure they still have room) i've also been looking at the Nash, the Chelsea and the Bentley (but those 3 are so price inflated right now!) thanks
  8. hip hotel for travelling solo?

    thanks-- i know i know! i have to book quickly: i've actually been looking for a couple of months but thought i was going with a group of people who have now all backed out on me:mad: there are still places but since i'm on my own i'm gonna end up spending a small fortune..... wah.
  9. hey all-- i know there's been a lot of discussion already about hotels and i've looked into tons of them but here's the thing: since i'm (unfortunately) probably going by myself i'm looking for a art-deco place to stay where i can meet quality fun people. i can't afford the very top of the line but i don't want to be somewhere i feel uncomfortable either (too much of a scam scene). any suggestions?? thanks