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  1. Happy Birthday Sexy!!! I love you sound! MUAA!!!!! Lisa
  2. Who is the next JP/Boris?

    I have to say Manny Freytes. If you have not had the chance to listen to him play yet be sure you check him out. He is one of the few DJ left in my opinion that knows how to build a set, I guess that's why DT calls on him to open.
  3. Happy Birthday to one of the most talented and underrated DJ's in New York:love: Have a wonderful day Lisa xoxoxo
  4. Boris @ Pacha ????????

    I think I will give Boris a shot, See for myself if I like him or not
  5. Halloween Nyc

    Im in
  6. I have seen DT Behrouz Ivano Bellini demi Carl Cox Dubfire of Depp Dish & Manny Freytes all bust a move
  7. alex santer

    Yes I think I will be going to see King Unique:getdown:
  8. DANNY TENAGLIA @ PACHA | Saturday August 19

    I cant wait for this
  9. All I can say is WOW! I had so much fun last night.
  10. I cant wait for DJ VIbe to play!!!!!
  11. Code Red @ Pacha NY, Saturday 8th

    I cant wait for this
  12. I got there about 11pm and went right to the bar. But I was not able to stale there long because Manny Freytes was playing some dark dirty sexy beats. You don't hear that sound in a big room and I liked it. It got me in the mood. Then Cevin Fisher got on and was playing some really fun vocals and played some tribal. Good set. I love the way the system felt. You can feel the bass in your soul Hector was next. And what can I say. Him kept me moving. Saturday night is what clubbing is all about, good music from start to finish, strong drinks, and good lucking people. I am not gay but I was not able to keep myself from looking at the girls in the shower lol:hump: