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  1. Hi All I've uploaded a mix last month, if you are interested you can check it out on the links below, or you can browse all my stuff on this link - Dj N.e.o. Homepage It starts off slower than my other mixes & is also a bit techy, it goes into a Trance vibe, builds to full on banging & then winds down towards the end. There’s a load of scratching spread through it as well. Anyway, here's the Tracklisting - 1) Massive Attack – Unfinished Symphony (BK & Vinylgroover House Mix) 2) BBE – 7 Days (Tomcraft Remix) 3) Duderstat - Mahananda (Airbase Remix) 4) Stenna - Skyline (Original Mix) 5) Ferry Corsten – Right of Way 6) Way Out West – Killa (Orkidea vs Dallas Superstars remix) 7) Xpress 2 – Smoke Machine (Mark Sherrys 2005 Outburst remake) 8 Sonic Vibe - Desert Island (Sonicvibes Sandleaper Mix) 9) Mickey Modele - Beached 10) 4 Clubbers – Sonar (Club Mix) 11) Keane – Last Time (Martin Roth Remix) 12) Orbital – One Perfect Sunrise – (Stereo 8 Remix) To Stream This Mix - Click Here To Download This Mix - Click Here I hope it can put a smile on your face... N.e.o.
  2. It seems there may be some confusion as to which mix is which on my page, here's some direct links to help you out. To Stream the Trance mix: http://waxdj.com/play.php?band_id=1012&song_id=4703&mode=song_hifi To Download the Trance Mix: http://waxdj.com/download.php?band_id=1012&song_id=4703&mode=song_hifi To Stream the Funky House Mix: http://waxdj.com/play.php?band_id=1012&song_id=4710&mode=song_hifi To Download the Funky House Mix: http://waxdj.com/download.php?band_id=1012&song_id=4710&mode=song_hifi If you want to browse my page where you can read my bio or check out some of the other mixes i've uploaded on there you will have to use: http://waxdj.com/djs/1012 Hope this helps N.e.o.
  3. Ey Up! I've uploaded some more mixes, you can get them at http://waxdj.com/djs/1012 Both have got a bit of scratching thrown in for good measure! Let me know what you think!! Here's the Tracklistings Trance Mix - 1) Intro 2) Oxygen Ft. Andrea Britton - Am I On Your Mind (Lustral Remix) 3) Solid Globe - North Pole 4) Andrea Kristal - Diamond Dust (Beppe Barilli Remix) 5) Ian Knowles - United As One 6) Mono - Rise (Smith & Pledger Remix) 7) Flashbang - Grooveslide (Vincent De Moor Trance Slide Remix) 8 Rank 1 - Awakening (Cosmic Gate Remix) 9) ATN - Miss A Day 10) Command3r Tom - Attent!on (F&W Remix) 11) Dogzilla - Your Eyes 12) Tukan - Wonder Of Life (F&W Remix) 13) Magnolia - Its All Vain (Dogzillas Atomic Acid Remix) Funky House Mix - 1) Who Da Funk - In The Night (Vocal Mix) 2) Eric Prydz - Slammin (Axwell Remix) 3) Axwell - Feel The Vibe 4) Alison Limmerick - Where The Love Lives (Classic Stonebridge Epic Mix) 5) Mohito Ft. Howard Jones - Slip Away (Steve Angello Mix) 6) Hoxton Whores - 77 Disco Balls 7) Knee Deep - Funky Nassau 8 Who Da Funk Ft. Terra Deva - Sting Me Red 9) Gadjo - So Many Times (Steve Angello Moody Remix) 10) Steve Angello - Play It Loud (Dave Armstrong Backflip Mix) 11) Steve Angello - Voices (Eric Prydz Remix) 12) Robbie Rivera - Burning (Axwells Groove Mix) 13) Armand Van Helden - My My My 14) Space Cowboy - Crazy Talk (Armand Van Helden Rmx) Hope you like em! N.e.o.
  4. UK Trance mix with a little bit of Scratching!

    Hi M8, Thanks for the feedback, glad you like the mix! I've uploaded some new sets on my page over the weekend, feel free to check them out. N.e.o.
  5. UK Trance mix with a little bit of Scratching!

    Also on that link you can check out a little Yahel scratch mix i've done of Liquid Love. Enjoy! N.e.o.
  6. Hi All, Here's a link to a mix I did over the summer: http://waxdj.com/djs/1012/ Feedback is always gratefully received. Tracklisting: 1) Intro 2) Three Drives - Greece 2000 - Dj Chus Rmx 3) Precursor - Solar 1 - Base Mix 4) Alt & F4 5) Marcos - Around In Circles - Part 1 6) Unknown - (Blank CDR) 7) Faithless - We Come 1 - Hiver & Hammer Rmx Marcos - Around In Circles - Part 2 9) Talla 2 XLC - Divided States - Solarscape Rmx 10) Paul Vernon - Mind Decay - Cern 2005 Rmx 11) Tomonari & Tommy Pi - C Sharp 2004 - Alphazone Rmx 12) Jam X & D Leon Vs New Order - Blue Monday 2005 13) Underworld - Born Slippy - Paul van Dyk Reconstruction Hope you enjoy!! N.e.o.