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  1. Hi, What's the cover going to be if I show up after Midnight? Is CP Guest List offering discount on admission? Also is Peter Bailey going on before TKC or is it the opposite? Finally, I never been to Love and heard it's a tough place to find so what store/landmark is the club entrance near?
  2. Chus and Ceballos/Calderone Review

    Wow, What an insane night/morning. That was probably one of the best sets I’ve seen Victor Play. Chus & Ceballos did a good job as well as they got the crowd warmed up for some sick tribal beats. I made it till about 11:30 but I think the party went till about 2pm. The whole environment was wicked. Whenever I go to his parties at Crobar I always feel like I’m on some other planet (like Mars). His music is so alien and the lighting reminds me of some crazy Sci Fi movie. You could be sober as a kite and his evolve party would still do mind altering things to your state of being J Looks like there are still hopes for after hour parties at Crobar although if they screw Boris next time I’m sure he will be fuming maybe even sew since wouldn’t be fair to only grant this to Calderone.
  3. Yes I just got the same email from Victor Calderone Mailing List. I was just about to post this. However like many others on this board I'll believe it that Crobar stays open after hours when I see it so I'm going early to see Chus and Ceballos just in case the night is cut short.
  4. Will Victor even get a chance to spin this week? Based on what's happening lately seems like you will be close before he even goes on? if anyone decides to buy pre-sale tickets will refund be issued if this shit happens again?
  5. Calderone - Reviews?

    That does not surprise me that they did this. Like I said security seemed to be extra tight that night. 1pm isn’t so bad for closing especially for those who came early to see TP. I remember going to party back in February and I think they kicked everyone out around 11am since too many people out that party couldn’t control themselves. I love the music and diversity vibe of the Calderone parties but of all the parties at Crobar it does seem to attract the most hardcore drug users so that probably explains why security is extra stringent since I’m sure NYPD is all over the ass especially with all the recent shit that’s been happening there. I can’t wait for the next party since there is no one better than Victor for my monthly tribal fix J
  6. Calderone - Reviews?

    Hi, I know most of the people on the board where at DT (which sounded like an amazing party) but does anyone know how long the party lasted at Crobar? I made it till about 10am and the place was still pretty packed when I left. I was impressed by Tedd Patterson opening set especially some of the bombs he dropped during his last hour before Calderone went on. As usual Calderone did not disappoint as he played some sick dark tribal beats and I thought he peaked around 9am but I left around 10am so not sure how he did after that? I must agree that the after hours crowd/vibe is so much better. I’ve noticed lately when I get to Crobar early (around 2 or 3) the crowd is lot more obnoxious and pushy. Maybe it’s a combination of the substances people are on and that many of the true clubbers wait till after-hours but it’s such a more chill vibe. I must also say the security seemed to be a lot tighter at Crobar. I saw lot of people getting escorted out of the club and busted in the bathroom. I can’t wait for the Next Party (Sep 16) since Chus and Ceballos are opening up for VC so that should be a crazy tribal night! I love Chus and Ceballos new CD so I’m hoping they play a lot of tracks off the new one J http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B000FS2VWC/qid=1156173836/sr=8-1/ref=sr_8_1/103-7716221-7700624?v=glance&s=music&n=507846
  7. Evolve Calederone Reviews?

    I got there at 6am and Victor when on at about 8:30am. I stayed till about 1:30pm and place was still packed. It was exactly what you expect from Victor - hardcore tribal beats. It was great vibe though everyone seem to be having a good time. I think Victors set was a little better last month but overall he did a great job and looked like the party was going to go for atleast few more hours as the place was still completley packed when I left.
  8. House Music Suggestions?

    Thanks for the suggestions. Do any of these guys spin locally in NYC? Also, I went with Silverbull on Sunday to see the 718 Session at Club Deep and I have to say it was great experience. Very different scene from the normal Sat night at Crobar. Everyone there seem to be true house lovers and was a real friendly easygoing crowd. It looked like the kind of crowd that you might have scene at raves back when they still existed lol I saw DT there so that was cool and Silverbull is definitely a great tour guide for anyone looking to get more knowledge on house music. I still plan to go to Crobar to see people like Calderone and Boris but now I'm looking forward to checking out places like Cielo, Love and Shelter. Thanks again for everyone's suggestions on house music/clubs.
  9. House Music Suggestions?

    Thanks Silverbulll I appreciate you taking the time to get back to me and would definitely like to chat more with you about this. I absolutely agree that seeing DJ’s live is hundred times better but still nice to listen to beats for those nights I can’t go out since partying in NYC is expensive. Since DT is your favorite DJ what would you say is a great CD to start with? Well I would love join you out (especially if you go to Cielo or Love) and would be fun to prick your brain on getting some intro House knowledge on the NYC scene since I would also like to hear some local talent. Do you have an email address where I can send you my contact info so that we can make plans to hang out?
  10. Hi, Like many novice people I started out being into the commercial trance scene (Tiesto, Corsten, AVB, PVD). Although I don’t mine trance once in awhile I’ve moved on to house music and for the last 6 months have really gotten into Tribal Music (DJ Vibe, Calderone & Boris). Right now I’m obsessed with DJ Vibe’s CD (Underground Sounds of Lisbon). I know that Vibe CD is over 2 years old but I heard that Calderone and Vibe are working on a new CD so will definitely be getting that when it comes out. However, I want expand my music knowledge and start listening to people like DT, Behrouz, Sasha, Roger S etc. What are some good CD’s or IPOD Downloads that will give me a good introduction to what their music is all about. For example there are tons of DT CD’s so not sure which is one of the better ones to buy? Also who are some other great DJ’s/CD’s that are worth checking out? Like I said right now I’m really into Tribal but I want start exploring some of the other facets of house music and not really sure where to start? Also do people ever show up to places like Cielo and Love solo? Those are 2 clubs that I really want check out but not sure how tough they are to get into if I show up as a solo guy? I can usually only convince my friends to go to Crobar on like a Sat Night (Boris/Calderone) which is still fun but now I would like to start exploring new places in the city during the week and hopefully meet some nice/cool people.
  11. Calderone @ Crobar 6/24?

    Hi, It's going to be 21+ This is the email I just got: it appears that all crobar nyc events had an error in their posting. all events are 21+. if you are not 21 and bought a ticket please contact us for a refund. we are sorry if this has caused you any inconvenience. Rebecca Sin Operations Manager Wantickets | Track Ent. | Clubplanet This does not personally affect me but thought I would pass this along since I would hate for some under 21 to show up without knowing this info. I've been on this board for a little awhile but this is my first posting in NYC forum. I usually just enjoy reading everyone else posts as I'm still a novice on my club/dj knowledge I've seen him a few times and he's really good especially if you like Tribal!
  12. Victor Calderone - Spirit

    Thanks Pod
  13. Victor Calderone - Spirit

    Hi. I'm heading down to Fort Lauderdale for Memorial Day Weekend and I just notice on Victor Calderone's Website (victorcalderone.com) that he's playing at Spirit-Fort Lauderdale on Sunday May 28. Does anyone know where that club is? I was trying to find it online and didn't come accross it. Also does anyone know any info about pre-sale tickets or guest list for this party. He's my favortie DJ so definitely don't want miss this one.
  14. Memorial Day Weekend - Suggestions?

    Thanks for the tips. I'm at Blue Moon Hotel so I'll be in heart of SOBE. To be honest I'm thinking about switching to Fort Lauderdale. Our flight is to that airport. I can't get a refund on the hotel in SOBE but no point of staying there if it's going to be a nightmare. This is my first vacation in over a year so I want enjoy my time and sounds SOBE is not the place to be. Can anyone recommend good nightlife in Fort Lauderdale that plays good House/Tribal Music?
  15. Memorial Day Weekend - Suggestions?

    Thanks Homersimpson. You’re not the first person to tell me that SOBE is a ghetto crowd during that weekend. So where do all the normal clubbers like you self escape for that weekend? Does everyone jump ship from the SOBE region for that weekend? I’m so frustrated with myself for picking that weekend because I was really looking forward to enjoying the normal SOBE nightlife but sounds like I’m out of luck. I definitely want check out Space. I heard it’s one of the largest and best clubs in America. Will I have any problems getting in on a Saturday Night and is taxi best way to get there? I’m not going to rent a car that weekend since I heard traffic is crazy. Rhythmburn I appreciate the invite but I think Tampa is a bit too far away since I’m only in Florida for about 4-5 days but thanks for letting me know. What nights are good for Nocturnal and Pawn Sharp as well as Deep? I was also thinking about checking out Crobar since the Crobar in NYC is awesome. But I’m guessing Crobar might play Hip/Hop that weekend? What do you guys recommend for Friday & Sunday Night? Any good places that play tribal music? Thanks! Kevin