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  1. hey, did SPIRIT close down?

    what night is dt @ pacha... because what i heard was dt was at spirit the 27th but since it closed, who knows... then jp @ pacha the 27th and morillo @ pacha the 28th (this is all about halloween) but everythings always changin...
  2. Halloween???

    lol spirit gets shut down all the time, but it always re-opens..
  3. Halloween???

    dTs guna be at spirit the 27th morillo @ pacha the 28th heard a rumor (not posted anywhere yet) JP @ pacha the 27th halloweens my favorite time to go out
  4. MORILLO MONDAY JULY 3 @ Pacha 18+

    no i know... i just mean in general- but thank you though
  5. MORILLO MONDAY JULY 3 @ Pacha 18+

    #1 - i thought he was stayin in ibiza for a while lol #2 - im 19 so it sucks when parties are always 21+ but just go later- #3 - last time he was @ pacha i got there around 445 and he was amazing like the first hour i got there- and then he kinda faded a lil, but then again, u can't expect everything to be great-- but it'll definately be a tough decision for him or dt- cuz dt- i always have the BEST time- dark beats are my passion- and dt always keeps me in the door especially after 7... morillo made me wana leave last time- idk wat it was...
  6. Cops raid and shutdown 7 clubs

    i agree that spirit MUST be open the 14th...