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  1. Reggaeton Parties Please

    ya good reggaeton parties are hard to find now a days. mainly because the dj doesnt know much about reggaeton therefore only plays what he or she hears on the radio, and or the crowd isnt into reggaeton like that. thats why ima start up my own reggaeton night..if all goes as planned it should be tight. ill keep you posted..
  2. Club Or Venue Space Needed!!

    well either friday or saturday is good.im just lookin for a space with a bar and a nice size dancefloor that can hold 100+. lookin to share something like i keep the door they keep the bar
  3. if anyone knows a club or venue space that can hold 100+ people and is looking or willing to let a promoter do weekly parties, get in contact with me. im looking for somewhere in the manhattan or bronx area of new york. thanks
  4. Vapor Lounge

    ya ur rite..i had high hopes in promoting it too..seems like the owners expect too much for the place..i guess they expecting bill gates n his peoples to party there..lol anyway ill be promoting a new spot in queens instead..nice lounge, will have some sexy gogo dancers..and im tryin to get a stripper for the vip section..hehe and of course good drinks n good music r&b/hip hop/merengue/dancehall/reggaeton/bachata/salsa/house/pop
  5. Vapor Lounge

    should vapor lounge be brought back with an after work fridays. every friday night, spinnin nothin but the best of, hip hop, r&b, dancehall, merengue,bachata,salsa,reggaeton,pop,house. u guys let me know what u think...should i get it started or not?