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  1. Blazer Affair

    that's some sirius cuteness kitten. djsquacknuts hearts you, <meow> BIGTIME
  2. Happy birthday Tj5!!

    fuck teamj5 and fuck george bush
  3. Boston D.J's Holla at Me!

    well first off its quite obvious to me that "7 figure hos" is your biggest hit. i really like how you crescendo then retardando with some legato mixed in there for good measure. then a little staccatto and a dash of allegro. in fact just forget everything i just said. as for my family aka bloodz thicka than watah... "im not really feelin it" if i were randy from American Idol... i would say its "Just Aight for me Dawg" if i were Simon (which i am) i would say "ehhh just not good eeenuf... and whos blood is thicka than water? " "dick em down recs" wow is this hot. i just think you should say "dick em down" alot more. who is the second rapper? are you from boston?