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    I have lived in vegas for 13 years and 12 of that i have in the casino and nightclubs industry. I worked at the beach,drink and hurricane harrys before driving limos. I enjoyed taking people to clubs even before hosting was a thing.
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    Sin city
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  1. LIMODRIVERLV is back

    Hey guys its been a few months of me not posting my contriversal and discriminating remarks towards the VEGAS way. Anyways after being lid up after a serious car wreck i will be hitting the vegas streets soon. Well maybe wait a cpl months till it cools off. For all of you who have missed me, sorry, for those who sont give a crap, well to bad.
  2. What club's good to hit on DEC 8th

    ics is shut down, so i will say the empire afterhours or tao
  3. plus size girls in the club????????

    If its just you and hubby, and your just trying to get in, walk up to the front and ask will a c note take care of us, it works, but go early. If you really need services as far as a guestlist, call the club of your choice. If you want a table at any of the clubs you mentioned you are looking to spend around 1000 to take care of you and your guy. Most clubs are 2 bottle minimum and after tip and all your looking for ab out 1k or so.
  4. Reviews and Comments about Paul OakenFold and Pete Tong @ JET

    50 Isnt bad to get into jet and see a great show. The vinyl was spinning andthe beats were hottt. I hope to see more of paul, left before tong started spinning but clients said i missed a great show
  5. New Years - House

  6. Nye 2007

    The last wweek or so i have been contacted by most clubs. The average price for groups of 10 aare 4000-5000, 4-6 is about the cheapest and ranges are 2750-3500. Its a good time to be a club host
  7. A rough estimate for 5 girls 2 guys

    Pure or tao your looking at about $500 per bottle, but thats including the built in gratuity that the club charges. usually with mixed group of your size you can get a 2bottle minimum but some places will be a 3 bottle. Usually even if the women are ok looking for a dance floor booth or table ur still looking at 3 if you had more than 9 usually is when it will go to 4 bottle on floor. If your looking for some other places to party there are a few places where bottles are cheaper and still have a great time and 2 bottle minimum
  8. New Year's 2007...

    You cant even get into the beach for 50 anymore. Prices will be the worst in vegas this year. So many corporate clients are booking tables booths and cabanas already. Table fees at most clubs are hitting 1000-2500 plus bottle minimums are going 1bottle for every 2 people. The clubs will do very well this year for new years
  9. Looking for VIP hosting 11/17-11/19

    Depending on the groups size m/f ratio i would hit pure on fri, tao or jet on sat and body english on sun. Usually you can figure average is a bottle for every 3 guests and usually 2-3 bottle minimum is required. Bottles at most clubs aveerage 350-400 unless your drinking the good stuff. Also if you have even amount of girls as guys it makes things alot easier. If you drop info on the group size m/f ratio, maybe limo included or whatever hit me up
  10. Ghostbar & VooDoo Lounge

    Voodoo and ghost bar are pretty cool with cameras. Prices all vary depending on how many guys and girls in the group. If its a group of all guys say over 6 a little more than if you haad 3guys and 3 girls. Some nights voodoo will run by 2 btls get one free on certain vodkas. Also depends on the time of night you will get there. Easier to get a table earlier in the evening at both than waiting till 12 or so.
  11. LOL Light

    The funny thing is, paris and travis actually make an interesting couple, lol
  12. Going to Vegas 10/20 -10/23

    Ice i think is a good choice one night maybe even tao. Afterhours is a must. Empire always has something good going on as weel as drais. Lounges maybe hit voodoo or even tabu. It also depends to if your wanting table service or to just get in. Maybe hit lounge ,club then afterhours each night
  13. VooDoo Lounge

    Maaybe hit voodoo before going to tao . i think tao is the hot spot on thur right now
  14. oct 12th-15th

    Tryst on thur, pure on fri, and tao on sat. If you are really into hip hop and r &b maybe opm oone night
  15. Weekend of Oct 13th-16th

    Well first of all how many in the group, m/f. I take most of my groups to pure on fri, dj am spinning and the terrace house music make a great combination. Then hit drais, seamless or empire for afterhours. Sat night tao is a safe bet, but depends on your crowd. The night you get a table i would stick to just club and not do an afterhours place, but it all depends on the group you are with.