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  1. second night in new york city. went to the night club in hudson hotel the first night, it was decent, music was okay. second night, did a little research, went to some club in chinaclub, had the worst experience ever, was forced to get coat check it. never had that experience before in cali. maybe its a new york thing. went back to the same club again in hudson hotel. music wasn't as good tonight. overall, did not have that much of a great experience in new york, at least not for clubbing. clubbing in san francisco is much better, and of course la and las vegas is the best so far. quite disappointed in new york clubbing. can someone lead me to the right direction. one more night in new york and hopefully i can go back home and tell my friends something positive.
  2. trying to find a spot where asians go hang out in the city. visiting the city for my first time in my life. any suggestions on clubs/bars would be nice. thanks.